ZION as paperback/Mein Buch ist in Taschenbuch/estoy publicado/sono pubblicato/私は公開されています

My e-book ZION has now been converted to paperback form and the paperback form is now available on Amazon and Kindle to be bought. For those who are unaware of my dystopian science-fiction action-adventure Zion trilogy, here is the plot summary of the first book ZION as shown on Amazon: Edward is given an offer. … Continue reading ZION as paperback/Mein Buch ist in Taschenbuch/estoy publicado/sono pubblicato/私は公開されています


Sunshine Blogger Award

I will be doing another chapter of Winter Kill soon, I'm just having a mental blank at how to get from A to B, if you get all that. Anyway, I have been nominated by fellow blogger and my brother J-M's History Corner for the Sunshine Blogger Award!!! Thank you!!! https://jmshistorycorner.wordpress.com/2019/08/07/sunshine-blogger-award-3/ THE RULES: Thank the … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award

Special Blogger Award

Uh...okay. I have no idea what this is about and am very confused to be nominated, but, regardless, thank you for nominating me. https://easydiet.blog/2019/07/21/special-blogger-awardhttps-penonsite-wordpress-com-2019-07-18-special-award/ She is a good blogger who posts photos and some interesting stuff. Check her out. RULES Thanks the blogger who nominated you. Answer the questions you are asked ( if you’re … Continue reading Special Blogger Award

Awesome Impact Award

Okay. I've had a bit of surprise - I've had my SECOND award two days!?! after receiving my first one. I have absolutely no idea what I have done to get another one. Thank you to HaveYouEverNoticed? and SixthSealMin for nominating me!!!  http://haveyouevernoticedblog.wordpress.com/ http://sixthsealministries.wordpress.com/ RULE #1: Tag the person who nominated you. RULE #2: Copy … Continue reading Awesome Impact Award