The Bookish Bucket List Tag

So, I have been nominated by the great Elisha McFarland for The Bookish Bucket List Tag. Thanks Elisha! THE BLOODY RULES: Link to the tag’s creator (Madison’s Inkwell). Link to the person who tagged you. Tag as many people you want. Answer the questions asked by your nominator. Create 10 new questions for yourContinue reading “The Bookish Bucket List Tag”

The Really You!

So, I saw this tag/challenge thingy on this post and thought I’d give it a go! I’m supposed to give a pingback to the original Really You! post, so here it is: Here are the following questions (which are all about time): If you had more time per day how would you best useContinue reading “The Really You!”

The Decade Tag

So, I’m still working out the next chapter for Winter Kill, so you won’t be seeing that for a little bit yet, sorry, but then I saw this tag called The Decade Tag on Teresa’s blog, which I had begun to check out cause she would give some really cool story prompts which I’ve writtenContinue reading “The Decade Tag”