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Hey, everybody!!! I just want to give a big, warm welcome to all my new followers!! I really appreciate and love you all for choosing to follow my blog!๐Ÿ˜Š You all are automatically awesome for following me!! If you want to know more about my blog, I have finally figured out how to create an … Continue reading Blog Index

Saying Goodbye

Standing here, shivering in the cold Watching you walk away All the things I never said, I now wish I had told Cause now I realize that you might not be here for another day   I've always had trouble telling you That I really, really care But I honestly do But I know that … Continue reading Saying Goodbye

Winter Kill – Chapter Twenty-Five

Welcome to all my new followers! Stone raised his hands and stumbled backwards, as if shocked and petrified. The guards instantly snapped their guns to attention. As he held out his hands in a placating manner, he studied their armour. Can't penetrate with bullets or lasers, he realized. There's only one option. "Please..." and he … Continue reading Winter Kill – Chapter Twenty-Five