Winter Kill – Chapter Fifteen

Welcome to all my new followers! I now have over 400 WordPress followers (excluding e-mail followers)!!! Wow, thanks people! Sorry for the hiatus. I'm nearing the finish of this story (don't worry, there's a sequel directly to Winter Kill coming) and had to go back and reread the previous chapters to make sure that I … Continue reading Winter Kill – Chapter Fifteen


A Cracked Vase

I got to thinking about love, and how you can put it out there, but there's no guarantee that it will be returned. How it can, and has, been trampled on, thrown out and shattered, how it goes through a lot of pain and suffering for others, and how it's like two things: A flower … Continue reading A Cracked Vase

Zion: The Rebellion available as e-book

Zion: The Rebellion is FINALLY been approved on Kindle and is now officially available as an e-book as well as paperback. COVER: Plot: Zion fights to stay hidden as their enemies keep closing in. But the closer the Omega Order gets, the harder it gets. Meanwhile, Omega agent Ivanka Brown starts digging deeper into her … Continue reading Zion: The Rebellion available as e-book