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I just want to give a big, warm welcome to all my new followers!! I really appreciate and love you all for choosing to follow my blog!😊 You all are automatically awesome for following me!! If you want to know more about my blog, I have finally figured out how to create an ‘About’ page (just haven’t gotten around to figuring out how to put it in the control bar alone the top of the blog next to ‘Home’) and you can check it out by clicking here.

Anyway, this isn’t a story post. I have gotten several followers of late – of which I just LOVE!!! – and decided it would probably be prudent to do an index post giving a guide for everyone to all of my posts for ease of navigation and all that.

And I will be constantly updating this post whenever I do a new post! And this will be from now on the featured post on this blog.

So, to all my new followers who want to start from the beginning – or if you have been following me for a while and just want to read some of my posts and can’t find them or whatever – read on!

Come rain come all

When it rains, I don’t shy away

I run out and play

Spread my arms out wide

Face towards the sky

Let the rain pour on my face

Hardly or softly, whatever the pace

Mouth open to catch the water

The cold never causing me to falter

Because the cold feels good

I feel like I’m really myself in the rain and cold

Getting soaked, finally feeling calm, finally at rest

Like I’m finally in a warm cozy nest

Affirming is the ONLY Solution

Very well said. I am bi and it’s something I struggled with as a very young child, cause I noticed it growing up, but due to my strict religious upbringing and fear of even more abuse from my father than I already got (he outright told me I was disgusting and had disappointed God when I told him about someone’s attempt to sexually assault me when I was six and didn’t understand anything remotely sex related) and disappointment from my mother and so severely abused and gaslight myself until I had myself convinced I was “straight” again and it wasn’t until after the fire and we were separated from him that it started coming up again and I struggled with liking girls along with guys and hated myself for a while due to my religious beliefs. It wasn’t until after Dad died that I felt safe to try and look into LGTQIA stuff more and even then it took me about a month or just over after before I could finally accept and be comfortable enough in my sexuality and now being able to live my life comfortably and with the peace I deserve as a bisexual Christian (though I may possibly just start identifying as spiritual and leave Christianity and organised religion entirely, who knows?)
Love the sinner, hate the sin is bullshit because your sexuality is a part of you, so if you’re going to label that as a “sin” and hate that, you’re really also just hating the person as well. Yes, when someone does something wrong, if you love them, you correct them – but that only applies IF the other person did something wrong, and being attracted to different genders isn’t wrong, so the argument of “I love you, so I’m going to correct you” doesn’t apply here. And thinking that loving someone is telling them that they’re hellbound and sinners for whom they love is fucking disgusting!!! Jesus wouldn’t do that. Being a christian DOES NOT exempt someone from MINDING THEIR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS about other people. Just shut up, support them and leave them alone about it, if they want your opinion, they’ll ask.

J-M's History Corner

Yes, I’m talking about LGBTQ+.

The disgusting Don’t Say Gay law in Florida literally requires teachers to out LGBT students to their parents. Even though the lawmakers KNOW that child abuse, suicide and suicide attempts, and even MURDER will skyrocket as a direct result. Don’t fucking tell me the bill’s “harmless” or “protects kids”. If you support that, you need to do some serious fucking soul searching because YOU ARE ON THE SIDE OF EVIL!

And DON’T YOU DARE tell me that the people who fear for their very LIVES – BECAUSE OF YOU, I might add, if you’re homophobic and/or transphobic – are “snowflakes” or “overreacting” or “can’t stand free speech”. If that’s your reaction, you’re part of the problem and need to REPENT!!!

“By their fruits you will know them,” Yeshua/Jesus said in Matthew 7:16, and the fruit of homophobia, transphobia and general non-affirmation of LGBT and the…

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Racheal’s Podcast Episode 7

Realized I had forgotten to do a podcast of the last ‘dear diary’ post, so here it is, hope you all enjoy! 🙂 This is the last dear diary entry and the end of season 1 of my podcast, season 2 will be coming soon and focusing on my poetry.

Anchor: https://anchor.fm/racheal-mustchin/episodes/season-1–episode-7—Dear-Diary-Overcoming-e1h9ius

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4xKRr95Va7dRhsP40X6wVW



Hey everyone, how are you all going?

My apologies that I haven’t updated my story in a couple weeks, I’ve been drawing a blank, but I promise to update it when I get past my writer’s block

Anyway, how are you all going? Anything exciting been happening?

Dear Diary: Overcoming

Hey everyone! I realised I hadn’t done one of those one word prompts in a little while, so today’s word is: BRAVE. It will also be that next installment in my Dear Diary series that I mentioned in my latest podcast episode, which you can find by clicking here. This is a completely authentic ramble, with the poor disguise of a fictional diary entry XD

Dear Diary,

Things have changed since my last post.

For the better, so it seems.

I’m slowly working through my healing journey from various things. I still have progress to make, I do slip every now and then, but I’m slowly getting better at getting back up again. I have an amazing partner that helps me and am figuring out other methods to work with. Might take up therapy, but we’ll see, I’m still scared of therapists lol!

But the point is that I’ve made progress. Physically, but most importantly mentally and emotionally.

And I’ve been able to slowly get my groove back with writing. And slowly coming back to reading and trying to interact again with the blogger friends I had before I suddenly skyrocketed in a downward spiral and was literally silent on here for ages. I realize I’ve almost definitely hurt some people in here for some of the weird mental places I went and other shit and I am so sorry for that.

I’m feeling more confident in myself. More assertive and sure of my boundaries and beliefs. I can now look in the mirror and love myself and also not worry about what other people think about my impulsive yet organised and planned out side, but embracing that energy and coming into my true self. I’ve found my style, and I’m rocking it! I’ve stopped worrying about what negative things others think or say and just been trying to rest on the fact that this is something I personally enjoy and find peaceful and that is what’s important. I do care a little bit about what some people think, but not as obsessive with it like I used to be. It’s more like, I’ll hear out what you think, pray about it, appreciate your concern, but it’ll have no affect and/or input on my final decision if I find it’s not something that aligns with myself and who I am finding myself to be, but I do appreciate the concern. (:

I am branching out into new things – making art for my stories and characters and have also created a store through Ecwid for my art. Also have started up DnD again, which is interesting refreshing and relearning stuff with that and am considering leaving church and organized religion entirely. I still believe, still pray and read and practice the teachings, but I will not be attending a church. Nothing against churches, I just don’t feel like they’re for me and how I want to practice my faith. I just don’t know when I should leave and how to let people know, I’m still figuring that out. But, don’t worry, I’m not against people going to churches, in fact I encourage it if that’s how you feel you should practice your faith, I’m not bothered in the slightest, just for myself I don’t feel to attend 🙂

I’m planning on dying my hair in the next few weeks and possibly get a tattoo, some more fun, emo accessories and outfits that give off pirate vibes, get my P’s this year and get through the rest of my Foundation Studies. Have been shortlisted on a job, so fingers crossed and have temporary election work coming up, I’ll be the Hygiene Officer, very excited and nervous lmao

Here’s to the ups and downs of healing and to a better and more confident future, and now that I’m in a better mental place, I don’t know if I need to continue these entries anymore. But if I find something to talk about in here, I will definitely remember to let you know, my dear diary. You’ve been a good friend, even if I neglected you for months in between entries, for which you have my apologies.

Lots of love,



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Created my first store!



It’s a place where you can buy my character art and concept art just for 99 cents! I will add concept art for my Zion trilogy when I’m finished the art along with world maps. It’s all digital, once you buy it, it sends you a download link, there’s no shipping involved.


Join elves as they travel into the underworld, pirates as they conquer the seven seas, princesses as they fight for their throne and witches as they manipulate from the sidelines while you head on your quest through The Golden Elixir. Dragons, spells, potions and possibly even love abound in these pages as you search for that One Art to take home.

There is no pressure to buy anything, but if you do thank you so much and happy shopping!!!!!

The Havsågud Cell – Part 11

Hey everyone, here is the next chapter of The Havsagud Cell and I hope you’re enjoying this story so far! Just in case you haven’t read the last chapter, I have been issued a challenge by one of my Uni lecturers to set a goal for part of one of my classes and my goal is to post a chapter for this story once a week, preferably at the end of the week, but whenever during the week that it’s finished will be when I post it, so it will be interesting to see how much I can keep up with this goal XD It’ll be good to help me with my writing and heal from the mental and emotional scars from some trauma that left me unable to sit down and write like I used to be able to, so here’s to self-healing and all that shit and I hope you enjoy this chapter 🙂

After hearing the scuffling as the unit guardian got herself seated, trying not to make a fool of herself, but that inevitably made her even more of a fool than she was trying to be, he turned around.

Her head was down, eyes to the floor.


The way he always wanted it. Even the guard did it – out of reverence of his presence, no-one could look upon his face. Why should they? They hadn’t achieved what he had done, they were not his equals.

Basking in this respect and fear rolling off of them for a few more moments – plus the silence would heighten the unit guardian’s anxiety just for shits and giggles, so there you go – he then placed his hands on the desk and leaned forward, the veins in his hands becoming more visible and subtly glow, which had the effect of making how charred his hands were more…terrifying.

Again – fear. It was a usual manipulation.

“Construct #261,” he began, his voice neutral and mostly calm with a hint of examination, like he was trying to study her to see what her responses, both verbal and non-verbal were going to be, like they would divulge all her secrets. “Otherwise known as #456’s Unit Guardian…Jamie Green. An impeccable record. Fastest developer out of our creations, top of the class and training squads…You were the one that came up the idea on how to harvest or acquire our specimens, weren’t you?”

Silence. Then a trembling inhalation. Ah, how these creations mimicked the human creatures they were meant to infiltrate so perfectly, it was extremely convincing. Sometimes he wondered if sometimes it was actually genuine, despite the fact that being developed in a lab meant it wasn’t at least as genuine as those who developed in a womb.

“Y-yes, sir.”

The response had been so quiet that he had had to strain to hear her.


Maybe these creations genuinely did feel the emotions like their human counterparts.

This would make this more interesting. But he had some duties to uphold, a schedule to deal with. He couldn’t waste his time on a failed creation.

Or could he?

Cause this wasn’t just a usual failure, this failure affected things that nobody else but him could comprehend. There were so many levels and layers, it was nuanced. And this failed creation before him was the little push that would knock over the rest of the dominoes if not dealt with.

So…maybe I can afford a little fun before the clean up.

Or was he losing his touch?

“So talented…” he murmured as he slowly stepped around his desk, smirking to himself when she flinched…and also therefore answering his question. “And yet…” here he stood beside her, his legs long enough to take only two steps to get somewhere and slowly knelt down beside her, his eyes drinking in her features as the tips of his fingernails slithered across her shoulders and down her arm. Her breath hitched as she kept her head down and eyes shut, trying her best to remain still.

So tense.

Poor thing.

“And yet…” he repeated as his fingernails traced her arm, slowing down to a caress when he felt tension before lacing his fingers around her wrist. His fingernails were long and sharpened to a point. “And yet…you failed. With Unit #456.”

Her eyes shot up, terror flashing through. “Wait, pl-“

His hand shot up, the sharp points of his fingernails slashed across her face. Screaming, blood leaking down her face, he stood up and leaned closer, inhaling the metallic aroma of her liquids. His hand cupped her face before the tip of his thumb’s fingernail rested against her eye.

“Shhh….” he whispered.

And then he started to slowly push his fingernail in.


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Racheal’s Podcast episode 6

I am so sorry for the slacking in this podcast, I had posted it last week or the week before and I swore I had shared it on here, but I just realised when browsing through to see what posts I had done, I realised I hadn’t updated you all on my latest podcast episode, which had a few bloopers in it, but I thought it would be hilarious to share the raw first take footage for it, so here you go:

Here is the Anchor podcast: https://anchor.fm/racheal-mustchin/episodes/Season-1–episode-6—Dear-Diary-Coffee-Broodings-e1etdkd

Here is the Spotify episode (keep in mind the anchor and spotify are just the audio version of the episode): https://open.spotify.com/episode/50Pmcr0w87L19GPv3mo18Q?si=64c607af7665423c

And here is the YouTube and visual version of the episode:


I do sound like I’m gonna cry in the episode, but I promise I wasn’t upset or anything, I was completely fine, I don’t know why I sounded like I was upset lol

I hope you enjoy, apologies again for the accidental delay in letting you know about the latest episode and hope you all have a great day/night!

The Havsågud Cell – part 10

Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well, as you may have already heard, my second Uni semester has started – doing Human Behaviour, Critical Thinking and Maths Fundamentals – so that’s fun. For Human Behaviour I had to set a goal for myself that by the end of either the entire course or just week 6, I had to write an report on and show I had progressed and worked towards the goal, so I chose my goal to be posting one chapter of this story a week XD So here’s my chapter for this week, and letting you all know this will be an extra motivation for me to stick to this goal to have people to be accountable to and feel free to shoot me a message chewing me out if I miss a week XD Anyway, lezzzgoooo!!! Here’s chapter 10!

“Spectacles” – her real name was Mary Persimmons – groaned as she leaned back in her seat, limbs sprawled everywhere.

They weren’t getting anywhere.

Or at least that’s what it seemed like.

How long had they been going over this? Persimmons wasn’t sure, it felt like both forever and just a few minutes. Cause the others were getting into arguments and debating while they seemed to be skipping something.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but who was the person that Agent Cain talked to over the intercom?”

Everyone thankfully stopped talking when she asked and paused to think about it briefly.

“…Someone called…Gerald, I believe,” someone piped up in response.

“Okay,” Persimmons began, sitting up straighter as she tried to figure out where to begin. “Who is this Gerald?”

Darren cleared his throat. “Gerald Hein. He was the one of the communication people that the team talked to to relay messages to the one in charge of the whole thing, Tris Reeves, and also relay messages from Reeves to the team.”

Persimmons frowned. “Is he a big name here? cause his name is familiar from somewhere else, though I don’t know where.”

“No, Gerald isn’t that much of a big name here,” Darren responded, shifting a little in his seat. “Can’t imagine where you’d have heard his name from.”

“Wait…didn’t we hear on the news of someone’s death recently? It wasn’t much, just a passing mention to someone who had been found to pass away in their home…I think they’re name might have been a Gerald something,” another person jumped in.

Persimmons drummed her fingertips together for a moment, thinking that over. “Hmmm, that doesn’t sound like it could be from that. But who knows, maybe Hein’s name sounds familiar cause Gerald is a common…maybe common-ish….sounding name. But anyway, so if this Gerald was a communication point between the team and it’s manager, is there any investigation going on into the manager, gerald and anyone else involved in the mission? The rest of the communication relay team?”

Darren shrugged. “I haven’t been kept updated about that because that’s not my part in this case and seems to be above my pay grade.”

Persimmons frowned. “I would request an update and if they say you are unauthorized, I would see if you can get someone to give you authorization. I can’t ask for the rest of us cause we’re new, but you need to get this information. This is important.”

Cause she couldn’t quite put a finger on it yet, but that name, Gerald…why did it keep nagging at her?

Crappily written, but here’s the latest chapter, as I’m still figuring out some of the kinks cause this is the beginning draft. Hope you enjoy and I hope I can keep up with this posting challenge with Uni XD

Have a great day/night!


All novels and short stories on this blog are the works of @rue202 and Racheal’s Novels Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without the express and written permission of the author is strictly not allowed. You may use excerpts and links or reblogs of this material provided that complete and clear credit is given to rue202 and Racheal’s Novels with clear directions to the original content.

New Character

Hey everyone,

while I have a few book projects in progress, I have a future one involving princesses, pirates, witches, and so on. I’ve created a witch OC, by the name of Qeturah, which you can look into the art and stuff I’ve done for her by clicking on these links:




Today, I’ve created a new character for this story that has the witch. This new character is a pirate, or more specifically, a pirate queen, leader of a gang called the Shadow Serpents. Full details can be found here:


Hope you enjoy and have a great day/night!


All novels and short stories on this blog are the works of @rue202 and Racheal’s Novels Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without the express and written permission of the author is strictly not allowed. You may use excerpts and links or reblogs of this material provided that complete and clear credit is given to rue202 and Racheal’s Novels with clear directions to the original content.