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Hey, everybody!!! I just want to give a big, warm welcome to all my new followers!! I really appreciate and love you all for choosing to follow my blog!ūüėä You all are automatically awesome for following me!! If you want to know more about my blog, I have finally figured out how to create anContinue reading “Blog Index”

2019 Stats Part 2

As promised, here is the second part of this blog’s 2019 Stats (I had to divide it into two parts as it was getting so darn long). Also, if you want to check out the 2019 stats for my other blog,¬†click here. Anyway, part 2 will be about my posts on Racheal’s Novels and theContinue reading “2019 Stats Part 2”

The Inside Job – Chapter Eight

Washington strode confidently through the doors. His shoulders sagged. There were long lines of people waiting to be served. He craned his neck to see who was at the front of his line. It was an old lady who was trying to open her purse. Oh, come on. Lincoln slammed into Smith and Mrs Flaherty,Continue reading “The Inside Job – Chapter Eight”

The Inside Job – Chapter 6

Sorry for the delay. Connery raised his arm and checked his watch. They should have arrived by now. “They are probably just being careful, or have a tail.” Connery looked to his right where Cooper was standing near him, eyes focused on the cars going in and out of the airport car park. How canContinue reading “The Inside Job – Chapter 6”

The Inside Job – Chapter 5

In this chapter, there is an easter egg to the Zion trilogy. Connery shut the door to their bedroom as the others sat on their bunks. They had finished their lunch and were going to finish their discussion in their room. Connery bent down and pulled his suitcase out from under the bed. He climbedContinue reading “The Inside Job – Chapter 5”

The Inside Job – Chapter 4

“So, are we going to look at the things we got from the Nazis?” Lincoln wondered as he drove. They were on the road again. They were heading for the train station that would take them to Berlin. Washington had called in to the train station to reserve accommodations on the train. It was aContinue reading “The Inside Job – Chapter 4”

The Inside Job – Chapter 3

Smith pushed open the door of the library and slowly walked through the aisles. She looked around at all the books, wishing that she could read them all. There was something about books. To her, they were fabulous treasures, timeless, a place where you could get lost in. She was thankful that this library wasContinue reading “The Inside Job – Chapter 3”

The Inside Job – Chapter 2

I now have over 300 followers! Thank you all so much! Smith saw a bright flash of light. She was suddenly tackled to the floor and felt someone covering her with their body. Smith saw a metal cylinder roll into the middle of the room and stay there. She broke into a cold sweat asContinue reading “The Inside Job – Chapter 2”

The Inside Job – Chapter 1

G’day! The Inside Job is a new story that I’ve been working on. Hope you enjoy it. I have decided that at the start of a new story, I will include the link(s) to my previous work(s) on my blog. The first three is the “Zion” trilogy. It is a science-fiction, action-adventure, dystopian with someContinue reading “The Inside Job – Chapter 1”