The Bookish Bucket List Tag

So, I have been nominated by the great Elisha McFarland for The Bookish Bucket List Tag.

Thanks Elisha!


  • Link to the tag’s creator (Madison’s Inkwell).
  • Link to the person who tagged you.
  • Tag as many people you want.
  • Answer the questions asked by your nominator.
  • Create 10 new questions for your nominees.


1: Who are, in your opinion, the ten greatest writers in history?

  • James Rollins
  • Suzanne Collins
  • Steve Barry
  • James Dashner
  • Myself (haha)
  • A friend of mine whom I shall only refer to on here as Shadow
  • My brother and fellow blogger J-M’s History Corner – he hasn’t written any stories on his blog as far as I’m aware, but he has written some stuff on FanFiction – and they’re pretty damn good ones at that!
  • Louisa May Alcott
  • The one who wrote Heidi, though I can’t remember the author’s name
  • Trenton Lee Stewart

2: Have you written a book? If so, describe it in under 140 characters.

Yep! A few, actually. Under 140 characters???????

Alright….Overturned described in under 140 characters….

It’s a romance.

3: If you stand up from your desk, close your eyes, spin around three times, then open your eyes again, what is the first book you see?

The Gulf Wars With Iraq (Which is part of a Living Through non-fiction book series).

(I swear I am never doing this again for a tag…made me soooo dizzy)

4: What was the worst book you have ever read (mine was probably The Great Gatsby)?

The 13-Storey Treehouse series.

5: Are you currently working on a book?

Yep. At least 5 at the moment (could be more – I can lose count so easily)

6: Who is your favorite modern-day writer?

I’ve got a few.

7: Do you have a specific place for your reading? If so, describe it.


8: Are Kindle EBooks superior to printed books?

Nope! Nothing beats an actual, physical, printed book!

9: If I published a book on Amazon Self-Publishing, would you read it?

Well, it would depend on the book and what it was about.

10: Who is, in your opinion, the most underrated author currently writing today?

Karen Bao.


Ugh! I hate this part cause there’s so many I wanna nominate! Since I’m busy, I’m gonna have to say that anyone reading this is nominated.


  1. What’s your favourite book quote?
  2. Which two book characters (they can’t be in the same book – one has to come from one book and the other has to come from another book) do you think would make a true couple?
  3. What’s the best book you’ve ever read?
  4. Do you like history books?
  5. Which do you prefer to read – fiction or non-fiction?
  6. Why do you think people read fictional books?
  7. Do you prefer short, sweet chapters or long chapters?

And I can’t think of any more!


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