Racheal Update

G’day everyone,

How are you all? I hope you’ve all been well. I’ve been really busy, but good. Been caught up doing my first semester of the Uni Foundations Studies Program, which teaches you the basics of Uni to prepare you before you go further into Uni. After finishing this program, I plan to take an Arts and Creative Writing course. I didn’t realize Uni was so involved, and would mean late nights, sometimes all fucking nighters, LOTS of coffee and the work, ugh!

So far, on the assignments I’ve received grades back for, I’ve gotten one pass, two credits (which is a pretty decent score) and two distinctions, so hopefully, on this essay I’m currently writing that’s due in four days (it’s about patriarchy) I’ll receive either a credit or a distinction – knowing my teacher, I’ll probably just get a credit lmao. Don’t get me wrong, she’s very fair and understanding and loves us students, but you have to exceptionally well to get a distinction, let alone a high distinction. But fingers crossed!

I’m actually having my Uni break at the moment for two weeks – us students get a break from classes, but we still have to study, unfortunately. Once I’ve finished and submitted this essay, I have to write up the final two paragraphs for this other assessment as well as write up a 500 word story for Uni and any other study they give us over the break, so busy times.

I actually gave my first presentation last week! I was meant to give it the week before, but there were complications, so had to do it last week instead and the teacher was very impressed, she loved it. Whoo hoo!

I’ve also started getting driving lessons, as well as having a friend teach me, so my instructor teaches me in an automatic while my friend teaches me in a manual, so I’m learning both, which I think is handy. Gotten a few day lessons under my belt, so I’m going to start getting night lessons soon, which will be fun!

I’ve recently started rewatching Harry Potter, listening to a lot of music and such.

But the best news of all!



We moved in just a few days ago, it’s got really spacious rooms, at least 5 bedrooms and a big backyard and it’s within walking distance to my Uni and my siblings schools, so that is such a blessing.

It’s so good!!!!

Praise God!!!

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