Shadow Death

Trigger warning: abuse, violence, attempted murder. Very disturbing read.


Hands on my throat

A calming ‘shhh’

A tender stroke

The grip tightens

Can’t breathe

Soothing voices whisper in my ear

As the grip tightens even more

The shadows won’t sleep

They dance about my walls

A graze of a finger down my arm

Stroking down my side

Resting on my stomach

The shadows scream in sudden agony

As a flash of pain shoots through me

The hands on me tighten

Holding me down

As the air is forced out of me

“You belong to me,” a spirit whispers

A slap to the face

Fist ramming into my stomach as I’m held down

“don’t ever forget it.”

Suddenly the shadows vanish

The sun starts to filter into the room

As I lay gasping

Blood soaking into my shirt

Bruises to my body

Wondering when these shadows will stop coming night after night

To attack me.


Just an idea that came to me, going to turn it into a story at some point, got all my ideas jotted down in notes, yay! Hope you enjoy the rest of your day/night.


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