Overturned – Chapter 10

This chapter will be written from the main character – Mia’s – ex’s – Charlie’s – perspective, which…should be interesting…


Charlie sighed and checked his watch. It was after eight at night and Mia wasn’t back yet. She should be back. Sure, her father had closed the restaurant temporarily for renovations, and there wasn’t anything for Mia to actually do here…

He sighed and looked at the dinner he had laid out for him and Mia.

Had hoped to talk things over about what had happened…hopefully fix it.

He pulled out his phone and dialed Mia’s number.

It went straight to voice mail.

Just like the other hundred times he had tried.

Then he had an idea and quickly called Mia’s friend Lily. It rang a couple times before she answered. “Hello?”

“Hey, hi! Lily, it’s-”

“Oh, good lord! Charlie, what the hell are you calling me for, you freak?!”

“No, listen, I want to know where Mia-”

“Oh, Uh-uh, you are not going near Mia, you hear me?! You are not going to touch a hair on that baby’s head, you understand me?”

“I want-Oh, great, she hung up!” Charlie sighed and then groaned in frustration. Come on, come on, where are you Mia?

Then he had an idea.


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      1. No prob 😁 It’s ok 😊😃 This part was unexpected though I though that Charlie was a loser 😂

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