Show Yourself


I was challenged by the wonderful Shahashel to sing Frozen 2‘s fabulous song Show Yourself which is sung by Elsa.

So, being a huge Disney fan (and an unapologetic Frozen fan – not going to lie, I was basically jumping up and down when going to watch Frozen 2 in theaters), I accepted the challenge!

Now, I’ve been doing singing videos for a little while now – having done I Will Survive, Let It Go, and His Cheeseburger – so, you all know that I can’t sing very well, so don’t expect anything that remotely competes with Elsa!!!! If I really had improved with my singing in His Cheeseburger like people have been telling me, I’ve backslid terribly with my singing in Show Yourself.

I sung this with my brother and fellow blogger J-M’s History Corner. Another one of my brothers – Zac – provided the music and also provided a lot of comic facial expressions and interjections. And our youngest brother, Edward, and his lightsaber interjected themselves at the end, so it provided a lot of cuteness and laughter to the video!


33 thoughts on “Show Yourself

    1. LOL, thank you! I was thinking as we were singing it that we might have to do a THIRD take, but as we watched it, I realised it was too funny NOT to post this version! And I’m glad we did post this version!

      1. Whoa! How’d you survive doing 36 takes?! What video was that with?
        LOL!!! That is so true! Glad you relate to it. When listening to the video, I was thinking once the screaming stared: “Just adds to the humour of it all”

      2. I didn’t. I was in such a foul mood after that. I don’t know… I haven’t done any music videos in a long time. The more recent ones I’ve done have been better. Kinda.
        You’re welcome! YES!

      3. I don’t blame you – I would be a very foul mood after that! Ah, okay. Fair enough. Mind if I check out your singing videos?

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