Show Yourself


I was challenged by the wonderful Shahashel to sing Frozen 2‘s fabulous song Show Yourself which is sung by Elsa.

So, being a huge Disney fan (and an unapologetic Frozen fan – not going to lie, I was basically jumping up and down when going to watch Frozen 2 in theaters), I accepted the challenge!

Now, I’ve been doing singing videos for a little while now – having done I Will Survive, Let It Go, and His Cheeseburger – so, you all know that I can’t sing very well, so don’t expect anything that remotely competes with Elsa!!!! If I really had improved with my singing in His Cheeseburger like people have been telling me, I’ve backslid terribly with my singing in Show Yourself.

I sung this with my brother and fellow blogger J-M’s History Corner. Another one of my brothers – Zac – provided the music and also provided a lot of comic facial expressions and interjections. And our youngest brother, Edward, and his lightsaber interjected themselves at the end, so it provided a lot of cuteness and laughter to the video!


33 thoughts on “Show Yourself

    1. LOL, thank you! I was thinking as we were singing it that we might have to do a THIRD take, but as we watched it, I realised it was too funny NOT to post this version! And I’m glad we did post this version!

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      1. Whoa! How’d you survive doing 36 takes?! What video was that with?
        LOL!!! That is so true! Glad you relate to it. When listening to the video, I was thinking once the screaming stared: “Just adds to the humour of it all”

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      2. I didn’t. I was in such a foul mood after that. I don’t know… I haven’t done any music videos in a long time. The more recent ones I’ve done have been better. Kinda.
        You’re welcome! YES!

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