The Havsågud Cell – Part 12

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“Mmm,” he murmured to himself as he licked the last remains of her pupil from his fingernail. It tasted oddly like how humans normally tasted, he had thought she was just a lab creation, she would be different. But she was a mimic of humans after all, so maybe that’s why the taste was the same.

He glanced down at the remainder of it’s corpse, blood leaking out from her eye socket. Well, technically not real blood, but technicalities, and all. Glancing up at the guard, he smirked when he saw that the guard was still keeping its head bowed, not making eye contact.

“Clean this up and then go get the one that’s monitoring Unit #456.”

“Yes, sir.”



Persimmons glanced over her shoulder as she simultaneously scooped up her papers and raised her eyebrow a little when she saw it was Darren who was speaking to her.

“Yes, sir?” she asked as she turned to him.

He glanced around as everyone collected their stuff and began piling out of the room now that the meeting was over and then stepped a little closer.

“You got a good point about looking into the Gerald name,” he said, his voice low. “It’s going to be tough to get the authorization, but if I get it, I’m going to ask for you to lead the investigation into the Gerald side of things.”

Wait, what?

“M-me?” There was no way. “I-I’m just…new, why me?” Persimmons found herself pulling her papers closer to her chest. She was clearly thrown off and it was such a sudden thing. Plus, she surely wasn’t qualified for it. There had to be a mistake.

And why do I have to stutter when I’m nervous and thrown off? Geez, that’s so unprofessional.

“You got potential. You all do. But…no, I want you. Will you do that for me if I can get the authorization?”

Breathe. You’re getting a break here. This will be good. Great work. Probably a little extra pay, maybe? God knows that I need that for my rent…

“Y-yes, sir, I will.”

Darren smiled and patted her shoulder. “Good, good, thank you,” he responded, and he seemed genuinely grateful for her co-operation in this matter. Hmm. “I’ll see you around,” and with that, he followed everyone else out of the room.

What the fuck??? What did I do to get this????


The lady that was watching Lucy leaned back in her chair, fingers wrapped tightly around a coffee mug. It was hot, and was scalding to hold, but she didn’t care. Her eyes remained glued to the…the…thing half-submerged before her.

No doubt her own face was pale.

“Thing” was a little too objectifying for the poor girl.

And she wasn’t exactly a human, so maybe girl didn’t apply. Well, not totally human anymore. Top half definitely was, but the bottom half? What was that?

Damn, this job sucks.

There was a hiss as the doors behind her slid open. Turning around, she saw the boss’ office guard standing there.

“He wants you.”

Oh…I wonder why?

“I’m coming.”


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