The Havsågud Cell – Part 12

If you want to read the previous chapters whether you’re new or just want to reread, you can find them by clicking on this link: Hope you enjoy this chapter! 🙂 “Mmm,” he murmured to himself as he licked the last remains of her pupil from his fingernail. It tasted oddly like how humansContinue reading “The Havsågud Cell – Part 12”

ZION: WAR OF THRONES Chapter Thirteen

Okay, I now have over 100 followers on WordPress! Thank you all so much! MOSCOW, RUSSIA Alexei reached the top of the staircase. He saw there was a hallway with rows of doors on either side. But, halfway through the hallway, there was a big hole in the roof. Alexei turned to Fergus. “Okay. Let’sContinue reading “ZION: WAR OF THRONES Chapter Thirteen”


REGION 12 Ivanka was walking back to her house in Region 12, which was where she lived as an undercover agent for the League. Right now, she was not there on any business. After the Shamrock Council and the Court of Scarlet had become one court with Charles ruling it, Charles had ordered her toContinue reading “ZION: THE REBELLION Chapter 10”


IN SPACE February 13th, 2055 Cathy scrolled through the menu on the screen. “Cal, what do you feel like for dinner?” Since it was around dinner time, they had set up the system to automatically do their job while they had their dinner. If something came up, Callum programmed the system to give off anContinue reading “ZION: THE REBELLION Chapter 5”