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This image has been sitting in my drafts since August 22nd, 2020 and I’ve been stuck on a short story to write inspired by it every since lmao! But I finally came up with something and so here it is, it’ll involve characters from my The Havsågud Cell in a scene from later in the story (still working on the next little parts before I continue posting for that), hope you enjoy! 🙂

(Just a note: these will be characters I haven’t yet introduced in the story)

The scaffolding cast sinister shadows across the walls, making it difficult to locate the entrance. Vines curled up the walls and were starting to creep over the windows, as if it was trying to seduce its way in with deliberate caresses. Trees dotted up across the property, becoming more tightly packed the closer you got to the building.

As the group crept closer, weapons to the ready, they found that closer to the scaffolding, there were piles of dry leaves as well as something that glinted in the faint moonlight.

Shreds of glass.

The light bounced off the glass onto something that was a dirty brown mixed with faint shades of yellow and that seemed made of stone. Slowly kneeling down, one of the group reached and as silently as possible, brushed some of the foliage away and raised her eyebrows in surprise.

A cross.

One with Jesus hanging off of it, his hands and feet impaled. Or his feet would have been impaled had the bottom part of the cross where the feet were was still connected to the piece. It seemed to missing, probably broke off maybe? If this cross had fallen off somewhere or was dropped, maybe the feet broke off in the impact?

But there were more important things to do then speculate about a desecrated cross.

It was rumoured to be housing corpses inside. Why or who was responsible was not known. All they knew was there were reports of dead bodies, possibly the ones on the nation’s missing list.

Gerald, you read me?” the guy asked, touching a button on his suit.

“I read you, Agent Cain.”

“We’ve reached the location. Appears abandoned, or at least going through repairs, there’s lots of scaffolding. Struggling to find an entrance.”

“Roger that. Be careful, Cain.”

“Will do, sir. Agent Cain out.”

Cain’s eyes swept the place as he and the rest of his group continued to look for an entrance of some sort. He was surprised they hadn’t run into some form of a defense system around this property yet. But then again, if it’s this run down and is just being used as a rubbish dump for whoever was responsible, they probably thought no-one would come around snooping, especially if they left the scaffolding and construction vehicles dotted around the place like they had to make it look like a framing site or something.

Clever idea, really.

But where was this entrance?

This will be edited a bit more when I’ve completed the first draft of the story and start going through the editing process, but I hope you all enjoy. And anyone remember who Gerald is? Do you think he’s the same Gerald that was mysteriously murdered in Chapter two? Hope you all enjoyed that and I will see you all next time!

Have a great day/night!


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