The Strange Encounter

Welcome to all my new followers! I saw this and decided to write a story around it: WARNING: THIS STORY IS NOT FOR CHILDREN, PRE-TEENS OR EARLY TEENS AND POSSIBLY FOR MIDTEENS, THOUGH IT COULD BE SAFE FOR AT LEAST 15 YR OLDS. ONLY LATE TEENS AND ADULTS. REPEAT: DO NOT READ IF YOU AREContinue reading “The Strange Encounter”


THE SILVER DRAGON He opened his eyes. There was a bright light directly above him. He squinted and turned his head away, holding one of his hands up to protect his eyes. There was a dull throb at the back of his head. He realized that he was lying down on a bed, covered upContinue reading “ZION: WAR OF THRONES Chapter Twelve”


ZION Anne was writing down on a notepad their food stock. She had gone through the ammunition and other weaponry supplies. They did not have to worry about those. It was the food stock she was concerned about. They needed more. She made a mental note to talk with David about Alexei and some othersContinue reading “ZION: THE REBELLION Chapter 6”