Saving Grace

Here is another event in the Bible that I wrote as a story. Hope you enjoy! “Hurry!” Tobias called over his shoulder as he hoisted the cot up a little further. “It already looks like there’s a crowd brewing!” Oh, please, please, please let us be able to get there in time! Cause his friend’sContinue reading “Saving Grace”

True Miracles

I had to take one of the events in the Bible and rewrite it in story fashion, so I thought I would share it with you 🙂 Enjoy! CAPERNAUM That week had been the most exciting and…unusual in Peter’s life. First, there had been the fish. And I mean, lots and lots of fish! SoContinue reading “True Miracles”

My promises

I never promised sunshine and roses Or that things would not get tough I never promised that you would not be hurt That you wouldn’t feel any pain Or that tears would no longer be shed If you would take up your cross and follow Me People will hate you Beat you, kill you SometimesContinue reading “My promises”


ZION Anne was writing down on a notepad their food stock. She had gone through the ammunition and other weaponry supplies. They did not have to worry about those. It was the food stock she was concerned about. They needed more. She made a mental note to talk with David about Alexei and some othersContinue reading “ZION: THE REBELLION Chapter 6”