The Wolf Within

The following is a metaphorical story. Warning: it’s a bit dark and gritty, so please proceed with caution. Clawing, clawing its way through. You throw your head back and let out a howl that rips through you and threatens to as you beg the demon to go away. It’ll listen. It’ll play docile for aContinue reading “The Wolf Within”

Little People

This short story is inspired by something that I saw when going out for a walk the other day. I happened to look down and I saw this small piece of wood – only like two or three centimeters big – and it was shaped like a high-heeled boot! It was lying on road, too.Continue reading “Little People”

The Blossom – Part 2

Don’t worry – this isn’t another poem, this is an actual chapter, LOL! I have now over 400 followers (including e-mail followers)!!! Thank you everyone! Welcome to my new followers! If any of my new followers want to read my previous work, here is a list to make it easier: Zion Zion: The Rebellion Zion:Continue reading “The Blossom – Part 2”

The Blossom – Part 1

I saw this: And it gave me this idea: “Adam!” Hearing his name, he stopped and turned around. He saw his father hurrying over to him. Eleven-year-old Adam heard something in his voice, which made him rather nervous and he began to think of everything he had done that day. Had he made a mistakeContinue reading “The Blossom – Part 1”