In Precious Memory Of

So just a few days ago, one of my younger brothers joked about the death of balloons and it was so hilarious, I wanted to share it on here ūüėĀ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heading to a restaurant for your birthday, you sit down and am presented with menus. Family arrive, photos are taken and videos recorded. MealsContinue reading “In Precious Memory Of”

The Havs√•gud Cell – Part 5

Previously in The Havs√•gud Cell: The Havs√•gud Cell ‚Äď part 1 The Havs√•gud Cell ‚Äď Part 2 The Havs√•gud Cell ‚Äď Part 3 The Havs√•gud Cell ‚Äď Part 4 ________________________________________________________ Before Lucy could properly process what the lady had said, the lady pressed another button, and Lucy arched her back with a terrified and painfulContinue reading “The Havs√•gud Cell – Part 5”