Winter Kill – Chapter Six

Previous installments in Winter Kill: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Previous installments in The Azren Chronicles: The Trouble with Pies (And Why they Are Necessary) Blogger characters that have appeared so far: bottomlesscoffee007 as Steve Bond. jmshistorycorner as Jones. Rakkelle as herself. Britchy as herself. Rue as Rue the Avenger.Continue reading “Winter Kill – Chapter Six”

A New Heart – Chapter 3

After dinner, Liz and Mrs Stark cleared the table and then Adrien and Mrs Stark washed and dried the dishes while watching Liz and her father set up the checker game. “Who’ll win?” Adrien whispered to Mrs Stark. She smiled. “And…one, two, and three, all your pieces are gone, Liz!  Thanks for the game.” LizContinue reading “A New Heart – Chapter 3”