Blue Ice Cold Cutting through the skin like a knife Bubbles pouring out of my nose As I sink lower and lower I keep reaching for the light and almost make it But black tentacles snake their way upwards Low whispers About the past Slowly and sensually gripping me Trapping me in my memories They’reContinue reading “Conflicted”

Happy Easter!

G’day y’all! How are you all going? Hope you all are enjoying your easter! (if you celebrate it). I’m sorry for the disappearance, just been having a quite a bit going on physically and mentally. I’m not going to promise to start posting more, cause whenever I do (and I mean it when I promise)Continue reading “Happy Easter!”

Available for pre-order

My new book My Cracks and Crevices: A Collection of Poetry is available for pre-order on Amazon. It is only in e-book form at the moment as the paperback has not been approved yet. The book is a collection of poems that I wrote about depression, bipolar disorder, being suicidal, finding a reason to goContinue reading “Available for pre-order”