Liebster Award

G’day! I was nominated for the Liebster Award by a great blogger called Mohamad. Thank you Mohamad! He’s a great blogger that writes some interesting stories. You should check him out. THE RULES: 11 FACTS ABOUT ME: I usually tend to be quite laid back when it comes to picking movies to watch. ThereContinue reading “Liebster Award”


I have something that I need to tell you Something that I want to share But before I do, I need to know… Do you even care?   You say you’ll be there That you’ll never leave Will you? When you see the real me?   When my layers have all been peeled away WhenContinue reading “Snapped”

My Cracks And Crevices

My e-book My Cracks and Crevices: A Collection of Poetry is now officially live and available to be bought on Kindle (the pre-order is now over). If you pre-ordered my book, it will now be automatically sent to you. My Cracks and Crevices: A Collection of Poetry are poems that explore the depths and crevicesContinue reading “My Cracks And Crevices”