Show Yourself

Hey! I was challenged by the wonderful Shahashel to sing Frozen 2‘s fabulous song Show Yourself which is sung by Elsa. So, being a huge Disney fan (and an unapologetic Frozen fan – not going to lie, I was basically jumping up and down when going to watch Frozen 2 in theaters), I accepted the challenge!Continue reading “Show Yourself”

His Cheeseburger

Hey everybody!!!! Welcome to all my new followers!!!! Anyway, I was challenged by Brother’s Campfire to record myself doing a solo of a silly song. He left the choice of what silly song to sing up to me, but said it had to be silly but clean. So, I ended up picking the song HisContinue reading “His Cheeseburger”

The Liebster Award

So…I was going to do this other award I saw that someone had just created and, while I wasn’t nominated, the person stated that anyone who read it could do it, and I wanted to support this blogger with his new award, buuuttt….I then saw that I was nominated for a different award – theContinue reading “The Liebster Award”