ZION: WAR OF THRONES Chapter Twenty-one

Welcome, all my new followers! Zion: War of Thrones is the last book in the Zion trilogy, so if you want to start reading the trilogy from the very beginning, click here. On with the chapter! Bellah’s eyes narrowed as he watched the two females through the security camera on the street lamp which theContinue reading “ZION: WAR OF THRONES Chapter Twenty-one”


The battle raged around them, but all Anastasia could think and focus on was the gun and the cold eyes that stared down at her. “Kyen, what are you doing?” she asked gently. Something briefly flickered in his eyes, like he was fighting something inside him. She slowly began climbing back on her feet. “WasContinue reading “ZION: WAR OF THRONES Chapter Six”