Winter Kill – Chapter Seven

You know who I've completely forgotten to include - or even mention in this story so far? Amelia, Jones' (a.k.a¬†jmshistorycorner's) girlfriend that was mentioned at the end of¬† The Trouble with Pies (And Why they Are Necessary). I can't believe I forgot. So I have updated 'Winter Kill - Chapter Three' to include a mention … Continue reading Winter Kill – Chapter Seven

Winter Kill – Chapter Six

Previous installments in Winter Kill: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Previous installments in The Azren Chronicles: The Trouble with Pies (And Why they Are Necessary) Blogger characters that have appeared so far: bottomlesscoffee007 as Steve Bond. jmshistorycorner as Jones. Rakkelle as herself. Britchy as herself. Rue as Rue the Avenger. … Continue reading Winter Kill – Chapter Six