The Strange Encounter

Welcome to all my new followers! I saw this and decided to write a story around it: WARNING: THIS STORY IS NOT FOR CHILDREN, PRE-TEENS OR EARLY TEENS AND POSSIBLY FOR MIDTEENS, THOUGH IT COULD BE SAFE FOR AT LEAST 15 YR OLDS. ONLY LATE TEENS AND ADULTS. REPEAT: DO NOT READ IF YOU AREContinue reading “The Strange Encounter”

Do You Even Care?

WARNING: This is a poem about depression and self-harming. Don’t read if you don’t like that sort of thing. I warned you. There’s something that I want to tell you, Something that I want to share But before I do I need to know… Would you even care? Would you listen to me? Tell meContinue reading “Do You Even Care?”


Ravi stepped out of the cubicle and headed back towards the office. Everything was going perfectly – Anastasia and Shadow had done as instructed and he had just heard that they were coming back. At the office door, he heard murmurs from inside. A conversation. “Take Doc, Shadow, and Anastasia in there and restrain themContinue reading “ZION: WAR OF THRONES Chapter Three”