2019 Stats Part 2

As promised, here is the second part of this blog’s 2019 Stats (I had to divide it into two parts as it was getting so darn long). Also, if you want to check out the 2019 stats for my other blog, click here. Anyway, part 2 will be about my posts on Racheal’s Novels and theContinue reading “2019 Stats Part 2”

Awesome Impact Award

Okay. I’ve had a bit of surprise – I’ve had my SECOND award two days!?! after receiving my first one. I have absolutely no idea what I have done to get another one. Thank you to HaveYouEverNoticed? and SixthSealMin for nominating me!!!  http://haveyouevernoticedblog.wordpress.com/ http://sixthsealministries.wordpress.com/ RULE #1: Tag the person who nominated you. RULE #2: CopyContinue reading “Awesome Impact Award”