Overturned Chapter 13

Here is the next chapter of Overturned (FINALLY!!!) What the *&^%(%$ is he doing here?!? Mia’s vulnerability instantly evaporated and was replaced with a stern glare. “What do you want!? How did you get here?! How did you even know I was here!?!” She would’ve continued with her rant, tears starting to threaten to spillContinue reading “Overturned Chapter 13”

A New Heart – Chapter 5

I have worked out what to call the first book in the Azren Chronicles, which you can read here. Here is the title to the first book in the Azren Chronicles: “The Trouble with Pies (And Why they Are Necessary)” Sorry (not really) for leaving you on such a cliffhanger last time with this story. ThisContinue reading “A New Heart – Chapter 5”