The Decade Tag

So, I’m still working out the next chapter for Winter Kill, so you won’t be seeing that for a little bit yet, sorry, but then I saw this tag called The Decade Tag on Teresa’s blog, which I had begun to check out cause she would give some really cool story prompts which I’ve writtenContinue reading “The Decade Tag”

2019 Stats Part 1

VIEWS: 5,352 VISITORS: 2,436 LIKES: 2,606 COMMENTS: 1,404 BOOKS PUBLISHED: 7 The following is the list of countries that I got views from with the amount of views next to them: United States – 2,282 Australia – 1,058 India – 800 United Kingdom – 280 France – 120 South Africa – 100 Canada – 96Continue reading “2019 Stats Part 1”