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I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by the fabulous blogger Jasmine!

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  1. I’m an honest person – even when I’m trying to be polite and not hurt anyone’s feelings, I always end up letting how I truly feel/think slip out by accident. I just can’t pretend something too much if it’s not how I honestly feel. Like, I can pretend something for a little bit, but eventually the truth will come out. And it’s usually sooner rather than later.
  2. I love games
  3. I love being goofy and silly
  4. I’m a fun-loving person (if you haven’t already guessed 😜)
  5. While I am 18, I still love to jump puddles…admit it, you do, too.
  6. While I love the beach, if I had to choose between the beach or the mountains, I would choose the mountains.
  7. I’m also extremely stubborn.
  8. I love romance (but not super cheesy romance, though the super cheesy stuff can be funny depending on the story and the characters and everything)
  9. While I’m not really into horror, I have found on the odd occasion that I can enjoy it (I have found it’s a fun genre to actually write) but overall I just can’t handle it. Weird, I know.
  10. I love the music group Skillet and really enjoy the singer Avi Kaplan’s music videos – he’s a really good singer!
  11. I’m on Pinterest!



Money and resources.


Yeah, when I was little, used to pick on and belittle one of my younger siblings for no reason. Don’t do that anymore, thankfully, but the fact that I did do it at one point horrifies me to no end.


Abortion, pedophilia, incest are a few examples.




IF I have to prioritize between them, it’d be family first.


Oh, yes, family issues and some personal shit I deal with *Shrugs*


My loud siblings, so I put on headphones and listen to music to focus on whatever it is that the siblings are/were distracting me from.


Nope, wouldn’t mind at all


A few problems my family’s currently going through just to start.


Cause it’s one of the few things I’m good at and cause it’s therapeutic and helps me express things that I struggle expressing otherwise.


To entertain but above all to help myself.

I can’t think of any new questions, so I’ll just pass along the ones I got.

You’re all nominated.

Have a great day/night!

Overturned Chapter 16

Recap of the ending of the previous chapter:

“And Virgil?”

That question made Charlie stop and look at her curiously to find her staring at him – without a scowl, surprisingly.

Instead she seemed to be studying him with a glowering intensity.

“What about him?” Charlie asked.

“Where is he? I haven’t seen any sign of him since we came here,” Lily remarked, eyes sticking to Charlie like glue.

“I don’t know. He disappeared soon after the ambulance came to get Mia,” he said, his voice cracking. It had been horrible – fire fighters had to be called to peel the wreckage off of Mia. The car and Mia had crashed into another car and both drivers were in the Intensive Care Unit.

Mia was very lucky to be alive.

He then realised that Lily was talking to him. “What do you mean he disappeared? Where did he go?”

“I don’t-”

He cut off as he saw a doctor come into the room and saw their names.

With a quick prayer, Charlie stopped and then went over to the doctor, but Lily had made it to the doctor first.

“Yes?” she asked.

Charlie mentally crossed his fingers.

Please still be alive, please…

Now we all know where we stand, let’s get on with Chapter 16:


The doctor cleared his throat and adjusted his glasses, looking at the two uncertainly.

“The good news is that Mia is alive. She’s currently in the ICU and looks to be staying there for a while.”

Oh, shit.

“Mia lost one of her legs,” the doctor continued.

Lily gasped and one of her hands shot to her mouth, tears starting to well up in her eyes. Charlie reached over to lay a comforting hand on her shoulder, but she pulled away at the last minute. Charlie sighed through his nose and turned back to the doctor.

“Did she just lose her leg?”

“Yes…physically. Can’t speak for what she’ll be like mentally and emotionally, though.”

“She’ll live, though, right?” Lily asked n a quiet and subdued voice.

“We hop-“

“How’s Mia?” a new voice said behind us. Charlie and Lily both turned around at the same time and saw none other than Virgil standing there, looking quite alarmed and frazzled.

He’s here?



All novels and short stories on this blog are the works of @rue202 and Racheal’s Novels Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without the express and written permission of the author is strictly not allowed. You may use excerpts and links or reblogs of this material provided that complete and clear credit is given to rue202 and Racheal’s Novels with clear directions to the original content.

Reader Request August 31st and A Couple Awards

Hey everyone!

Jim Carrey Ace Ventura GIF - JimCarrey AceVentura Driving GIFs

A few days back I did a post announcing that I was doing a Reader Request. Well, today is the day that I answer the questions you all gave me.

How many siblings do you have??

Thirteen! 7 full siblings, 5 half-siblings and a friend whom is like a sister.

Which sibling are you in numbers??

I’m third out of my full siblings. If I count my full siblings, half-siblings and my friend, I am ninth.

Do you like ketchup or mayo????

Um…what’s mayo? And what’s ketchup? Is one of them the American equivalent of tomato sauce or something?

What is your future dream?

I’ve got some ideas.

Fav candy?

Since it’s candy and not chocolate, I’d have to say a lollipop or something?

What are you wearing right now?

I had gotten one of my brothers to take a couple photos of me in an outfit I was in earlier when I started typing up this post, but due to some stuff that came up, I wasn’t able to actually upload the photos until now and right now I’ve changed out of that outfit and into my pyjamas, so I can’t show the photos. As of right now, I am wearing a blue pyjama t-shirt with a picture of minnie mouse on it that says what’s not to love? and am wearing some brownish pyjama trousers that have some white intricate flowery patterns on them.

Are you extremely active?

I don’t know about extremely active, but I am an active person.

Is music a huge part of your life?


Monarchist or Republican?

Hmm, good question. There are pros and cons to each side. There are stuff about a Monarchy that appeal to me but there are stuff about a republic that appeal to me as well. But having grown up in a country that has a Monarchy, I’m somewhat more inclined to a Monarchy, particularly because while my country, which is a Monarchy, certainly has had it’s bits of instability with some stuff government wise, it’s ultimately more stable than say America’s politics, which is not a Monarchy.

So, basically, I think I’m more a Monarchist, but I am open to the idea of a Republic, though that depends on how it’s handled and stuff like that…if my answer makes any sense whatsoever.

Thank you Jasmine for nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award!!!!!


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What’s the best joke you’ve ever heard?

Not sure, I’ve heard a few really good ones recently and am not sure which one is the best.

What was your favourite age growing up?

Um, my teen years.

Was the last book you read?

My school books.

Camping or Glamping?

So, I had to look up what the hell “glamping” meant, lol!

And I prefer just camping.

Do you have any pet peeves?

Yes – the one that is safest to show on here is when a movie character doesn’t get his or hers so richly deserved butt kicking.

What’s one thing that can make your day instantly better?

There are a few things, but they don’t always make my day INSTANTLY better depending on how bad the day is, but they usually work, or at least help me start getting better.

Which meal is your favourite: breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

All three.


Cause all three meals involve FOOD!!!

Were you close with your family growing up?

Somewhat, yeah.

Do you ever wish you were raised differently?

Some aspects of how I was raised, yes, I damn well wish were different.

Who in your family would you describe as a “character”?

Edward, my three year old brother. A definite character.

So I saw this Liebster award that was left an open nomination and the questions were interesting (and some were outright hilarious for me), so I decided to do it!

Thank you pensitivity101!


*Thank the Blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
*Answer the 11 questions given to you.
*Name 11 fun facts about yourself.
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How old were you when you had your first flight?

I still haven’t had my first flight.

What is your favourite colour?

Red, green, black, grey, blue, etc.

Housework: do you prefer to hoover or dust?

I had to ask my brothers what hoover meant and apparently it means a type of vacuum cleaner ( why not just say do you prefer to vacuum or dust? lol just teasing, promise) so my answer is I prefer to vacuum. XD

Do you have a garden?


What is your favourite vegetable?

Ewww! Who has a favourite VEGETABLE?!??!

What is your taste in music?

Great question! Here is a post I did on my other blog where I give just a small snippet into my music life..and remember no matter how many songs you see on that post, it’s only a SMALL snippet of my music tastes!!!

Do you play an instrument?

No. Tried to learn, though.

Are you an only child?

HAHAHAHAHAH!!!! Far from it!!!!

Are you in touch with any of your school friends?

What school friends? I have friends, but am home schooled, so have no “school” friends.

How did you meet your partner?

Met my boyfriend through a writing roleplay group.

Do you celebrate anniversaries?



  1. My Mum says I have a weird sense of humour, along with some of my friends…whatever that’s meant to mean. What’s weird about me???? Ehhh?????????? *pulls silly face*
  2. I am extremely mature…I hope
  3. I have a vivid imagination
  4. I would like my books to be turned into movies!!
  5. I would like to travel around the world someday!!!!
  6. I’m not sure what to write now
  7. Why are we tormented with having to do this particular part of the award?!?
  8. I love the MCU and X-Men
  9. I also like the DCEU movies
  10. I don’t like anime very much
  11. I like The Witcher

MY NOMINEES (for either award that they choose to do):



Brother’s Campfire

Tales From The Mind Of Kristian

Reality Decoded


Mystery guy


Ryan Callaghan



Sammy Curry

So, yeah, my nominees pick either award that they want – the sunshine blogger award or the liebster award or both!!! – and you pick 11 questions from either (could be a mixture of some questions from one award and some questions from another award) just to try something different.



Time heals all things…

Or at least that’s what I’ve been told…

But I never get that time…

Too much to do, too much required…

Nobody will understand if I explain that I need to relax…chill…


So I tell myself I’m overreacting, I don’t need any time

Just suck it up, buttercup

But now I’m realizing my mistake…

Should I stand up and say

“Fuck off, I need time”

“I need to recuperate”?

But I’ll get too much shit thrown at me for it

Is it really worth it?

Or is time to yourself just ….overrated?


So…yeah, don’t have much to say about this one…hope you all enjoyed!


All novels and short stories on this blog are the works of @rue202 and Racheal’s Novels Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without the express and written permission of the author is strictly not allowed. You may use excerpts and links or reblogs of this material provided that complete and clear credit is given to rue202 and Racheal’s Novels with clear directions to the original content.

The Change – part 1

Landscape, Fantasy, Night, Sky, Star, Lake, Reflection

Lucy looked up from her laptop screen as she heard a knock on her bedroom door. “Come in,” she said. The door then opened and her mother poked her head in.

“G’night, Luce,” her mother said with a smile, causing Lucy to smile back. “How’s your studies going? Nearly ready for that exam on Monday?”

“Yeah, I think I’m ready,” Lucy responded. Her phone than briefly beeped as a text message came in. She reached across to her nightstand by her bed to grab her phone and check the text message when she suddenly winced and her hand clutched her stomach as she suddenly felt nauseous.

What did I eat at supper?

“…make sure you know it?”

Lucy blinked and looked over at her mother, to find her inside her room, looking over some of the framed photographs Lucy had hanging on the wall. “Huh? Sorry, what did you say Mum?” she asked, wincing again as her toes curled up as a sharp pain began stabbing her stomach and she clutched her stomach a little tighter.

“I was wondering if you wanted me to do a little impromptu test with you,” Lucy’s mother asked, still not having turned around. “You know, to make sure you know the material and to help you better prepare for the exam.”

“Uh, yeah, sounds great, Mum,” Lucy said through gritted teeth before she let out an anguished cry as white spots flooded her vision. Squeezing her eyes shut, tears leaked out due to the pain before the white spots retreated and Lucy slowly unwound from the fetal position she had curled into as she opened her eyes and gasped for breath. “What the fuck did I eat?” she muttered to herself as she reached up with one of her hands to wipe her forehead…before letting out a scream as she looked at her hand…or what used to be her hand.

Her hand was now covered in bluish-green scales and there was some strange squishy material between her fingers, making it look almost like a frog’s foot.

“It happens to all of us, my dear,” her mother said.

“Wha…?” Lucy gasped as her eyes darted over to her mother to find her mother now looking at her coolly, without any emotion, hands clasped behind her back, simply observing the process. “What do you-argh!” Lucy doubled over on the bed again, both “hands” (as both were now turned into some ugly, hideous frog foot thing) clutching her stomach as tears started streaming down her face due to the pain.

Through the tears, she saw scales starting to pop up along her legs and her feet start to change to what looked like…a fish’s tail?!?

Her head started to throb as the white spots filled her vision again. She tried to gasp for air, but no air came. The room suddenly felt hot and heavy and no matter how much she gasped for air, there as no air there for her to breathe.

“You need to be in the water to breathe, as all creatures of the ocean do.”

“M…make it s-sto…..Mum, please…” Lucy choked out.

“It’s all part of the process, love. You’ll be fine,” her mother said as she knelt down in front of her. She reached out and briefly touched Lucy’s forehead in what seemed almost like an affectionate gesture.

Her mum then reached up with the other hand and snapped her fingers and wave after wave of pain rippled through Lucy, causing her to scream.

She thought she heard her mother say, “It happens to all of us. Just relax…”

And then everything faded away.


So yeah, I’m not sure how that picture inspired this, but that’s what happened, so I just went with it and I must say I’m pretty damn proud of it. Hope you all enjoyed and yes, this is just meant to remain a mysterious one-shot, hehe. Though, if you all want a continuation, I might do one 😉

Also I’m doing a Reader Request, which you can check out by clicking here so if you wanna ask me any questions about anything at all, click on that link and post your questions in the comment section and I’ll answer them in an post in 6 days time!

Have a great day/night!

The Sunshine Blogger Award

G’day y’all!!!!

Welcome to all my new followers!!!!

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Anyways, I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by the unique and awesome blogger Shaheshal!!!!

Thank you Shaheshal!!!!!

Go check her out and give her a follow – she’s a FANTASTIC blogger and will really brighten up your day!!!!!


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them.
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  4. Notify the nominees by commenting on one of their blog posts.
  5. List the rules and display a sunshine blogger award logo on your post and/or your blog site.


Which disney movie did you like when you were young???

Ha! I still am young and still love Disney!!! I love all the Disney movies I’ve seen so far!!!

Did you sometimes wish you would grow young again???

Sometimes, yes, I wish I could be a child again, so I like to sometimes let my inner child out – which is why I love this Youth Group thing that I go to once a week where I interact and play with other teens and kids. It gives me a chance to still be a kid and be silly and goofy and not worry about others telling me off for having so much fun…which I don’t worry about, anyway, lol!

Since how many years have you been blogging now???

Two and a third years now.

How many siblings do you have???

Thirteen – 7 full siblings, 5 half-siblings and a friend that I’ve taken on as my big sister!

Blueberries or raspberries???

Leaning more towards raspberries here.

Chocolate cake or vanilla????

Chocolate cake!!! Unless vanilla means ‘vanilla ice-cream’, which in that case I’d say both.

What would be the theme song of your life?

Hmm…don’t know the answer to that one. I know of songs that I strongly relate to, but don’t think they would count for the theme song of my life.

What has been your favorite memory this year?

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

What is the craziest/most daring thing you’ve ever done?

I think so far it’s been trying to put tomato sauce on my cereal years ago.

What talents do you possess that not a lot of people know?

Wouldn’t you like to know?

Did you approve my questions? It’s a yes or no question!





Yes 😄


J-M’s History Corner





Aaaannnnndddd……….I can’t think of anymore, so whoever else wants to do it can do it.


What outdoor activity do you enjoy the most? (unless you’re an indoors type, then what indoor activity do you enjoy the most?)

What’s your favourite Disney song?

What, in your personal opinion, counts as racism?

If you were to suddenly have the authority to permanently change one thing – and once you changed it there, would be no turning back – what would it be?

What is the best experience that you had as a child?

What is something that you have never tried before that you want to try before you die?

And that’s all the questions I can think of…congrats to all my nominees and hope everyone reading this and who will read it has a great day/night!!!!

Oh, and btw, I have done a Reader Request. You can check out the post and ask me any questions you want by clicking here.

The Black Iris – Chapter 5

Previous chapters:

  1. The Black Iris – Chapter 1
  2. The Black Iris – Chapter 2
  3. The Black Iris Chapter 3
  4. The Black Iris – Chapter 4

Also, sorry for the delay, haven’t been sure what to write and there’s been a bit going on at my end.

“We’re here,” Gabriel said curtly as they approached the palace gates.

Esther gulped silently as she looked at the gates. A couple members of the Royal Guard who stood by the gates stepped forward, looking at her with angry intent and she opened her mouth to give them a mouthful when Gabriel stepped forward.

The guards eyes widened when they caught sight of him and stepped aside, even opened the gates for them, mumbling some quick apologies which Gabriel just ignored as he swept Esther through the gates and into the palace courtyard.

Men and women were running around doing practice drills or barking at others, shouting at them for slacking or some other impediment that was doubtless going to spoil their record.

She wanted to study their methods, but Gabriel rushed her through to inside the palace itself and then quickly marched her through the palace. Esther looked around, managing to quickly take stuff in – like the interior’s design, the positions of the guards and where each of the inanimate objects were placed in case she ever needed to use them for whatever situation that might come up – but whenever she wanted to stop and study something, Gabriel would grab her arm and move her along.

“Where are we going exactly?” she asked, glaring daggers into the man’s back after he yanked her arm once more.

“Told you – to see the king,” was all Gabriel stated.

“But where exactly is he? Cause we’ve been moving around the palace quite a bit for the past…twenty minutes if my calculations are correct and we still don’t seem to be any closer to wherever it is that he is,” Esther remarked in a casually flippant voice.

Gabriel stopped in front of a door and then looked at her. He didn’t say anything and his face was unreadable. There was silence for a minute before he briefly glanced down at his feet before looking back at her and taking a step towards her…which made her instinctively take a step back.

“Just relax and be the charming angel that I’m sure is in there somewhere…cause the king is right through there…and he doesn’t tolerate dipshims like you that like to badmouth everyone and think they’re perfect. Okay?”

Oh, you’re asking for it…

But she just cocked an eyebrow and said “Fine.”

Gabriel scoffed quietly to himself and then knocked at the door, calling out “Your Majesty? She’s here.”

A deep voice called out from within and said “Come in.”

Gabriel opened the door and then motioned for Esther to follow through. Taking a deep breath, she did just that.

Shitty writing, I know and I am so so sorry, but with some stuff that’s been going on at my end, I haven’t been in the right headspace to write stories lately, so I’m only just getting back into my groove, so please forgive me for the crappy writing here.

Again, sorry for the delay, I really didn’t mean to take a break from posting for The Black Iris and Overturned, but with some stuff going on at my end, I just wasn’t in the right headspace to do it, sorry.

Anyway, welcome to all my new followers! I’m rue202 and I like to post award posts if I get ’em and stories and poetry on here, so grab some coffee and sit down and prepare for the ride of your life XD Yes, I’m very humble, too, haha!!!!!

Hope you all enjoyed!


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The Triple Threat

So, I have been nominated for the Outstanding Blogger Award.

Not once.

Not twice.

But three times!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Elisha, Lydia and Jasmine!

When I got nominated the first time, I was going to wait until after I had done another chapter in either Overturned or The Black Iris (preferably both) before doing the award post, but due to some f***ed up shit that’s been happening with my family, I haven’t been in the right headspace to write any stories on here, so as a result, two more award nominations came in while I was trying to get into the groove to write, so I thought “Yep, get them awards done before it becomes ten awards I’ve got to tackle” 🤣

I’ve never had to tackle three awards in one post before, so…this should be interesting. 🤣Praise God they are all just the same award, eh?


  1. Provide the link to the creator’s original post. Outstanding Blogger Award by Colton Beck.
  2. Answer the questions provided.
  3. Create 7 unique questions.
  4. Nominate 10 bloggers. Ensure that they are aware of their nomination. Neither the award’s creator, nor the blogger that nominated you, can be nominated.
  5. At the end of 2020, every blog that ping-backs the creator’s original post will be entered to win the 2020 Outstanding Blogger Award

Now for the questions…


1: What (or who) inspires you?

Depends on what you mean. If you mean, inspires me with my writing, then it’s everything from whatever filthy bacteria is underneath my fingernails to all the way over to Kakmandu that inspires me for my writing.

If you mean just inspires me as a person, I would have to say that would be God, my mum, the Bible, and one other very special person. 🙂

2: What is your favorite blog to read?

Um…don’t know, actually. I love reading everyone’s stuff, don’t really think I have a favourite.

3: Do you enjoy writing?


I just hate that you guys have to keep waiting for the next chapter of my stories right now 😦 I’m so sorry, once I get my muse back, I promise I’ll get writing!!!

4: Do you have a specific goal for your blog?

For Racheal’s Novels? Yeah.

For miscellaneousoddity? That…that I will have to think more on.

5: What is your favorite conversation topic?

I don’t know, actually. Writing is one, I guess? I like to chat about anything. I love it when I’m chatting with someone and the conversation keeps naturally and smoothly transitioning from one topic to the next, completely randomly, too.

6: Do you write about this topic?

*Shrugs* I guess?

7: Do you like coffee?

I…don’t mind it.

8: Do you, like me, have a specific snack you eat while blogging?

No, because I tend to find it’s hard to eat and use the computer at the same time.

9: Who taught you how to write?

My parents.

10: What is your strongest conviction?

I have quite a few strong beliefs, so I’m not sure which is the strongest, but one of the biggest ones is that BOTH PARENTS HAVE TO RAISE THE KIDS!!!! Unless one parent has some sort of illness or disability or something that prevents them from being able to properly raise the kids, then BOTH BLOODY PARENTS NEED TO!!! You cannot just dump the kids on your significant other and refuse to partake – it’s YOUR FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY TO JOIN IN THE RAISING OF THE KIDS CAUSE THEY ARE ALSO YOURS!!!! YOU HELPED CREATE THEM, YOU BLOODY HELP RAISE THEM!!!

11: Do you have vision for the future? If so, explain.



12: What activities (besides writing) do you enjoy?

Dancing, drawing, stuff like that.

13: Do you think social media is good or helpful?

Did you mean to say is it good or harmful instead is it good or helpful?

I personally believe that it is both good and harmful.

14: What is your greatest wish?

That’s very personal.


  • On a scale of 1-10, how strict are/were your parents?

Past version of parents: 10.

Present version of parents: 7 or 8.

  • Name a celebrity you think is lame.

Michael Jackson and the Beatles.

  • What accomplishments are you most proud of?


  • Is cereal soup? Why or why not?

Here is a very funny article debating the topic….and I wholeheartedly agree with it XD

  • What fact amazes you every time you think of it?

That I became a great-aunt at the age of eight. And bonus fact: That great-niece of mine recently turned 10! So, depending on when she has kids, I could be becoming a great-great aunt somewhere in my thirties or possibly forties.

  • Would you rather have a very long (120 years) comfortable but boring life, or live half as long but have an exciting life packed with adventure?

I would rather only live half as long and have an exciting life.

I wouldn’t mind living to see 120, but…how many of my loved ones that I have right now will have died by then? How many of my relatives will actually want to keep visiting me and possibly take care of me if I need it at that age? A lot of people just blatantly ignore their relatives when they turn old, so it’s very likely that will happen with me. And all that scares me.

  • Violin or Cello?



  • What is the most important part of each day to you?

Talking to my boyfriend – we’re in a long-distance relationship and only get a few hours each day to talk due to time differences (he’s in America) and sometimes we only get like half an hour to talk, depending on what’s happening at his end or mine, so I cherish each and every time I do get to chat with him.

Also, spending time with God.

  • What is your favorite way to exercise/work out?


  • What is a food you could never get tired of eating?


  • What is your birthday month?

This month.

  • What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

Hmm….I would have to say that, so far, the scariest thing that I’ve done was telling my crush (my boyfriend) that I like him cause I was kinda scared of how he would respond, lol!

  • How often do you get a headache and how do you get rid of it?

Don’t really get them often – depends on what I’ve been doing and how stressed I am – but when I do get them, I usually just try and relax and drink lots of water and get a bit of time outdoors. Usually works like a charm.

  • Have you ever told a joke to a bunch of people, but you were the only one that thought it was funny?

Oh yes, that has happened to me quite a few times – the audience I’m telling it to that usually doesn’t get it is my family XD

And that my friends is the end of my award post!!!

Thanks once again to everyone who had nominated me! If anyone has nominated me for an award and I failed to respond, PLEASE let me know in the comments below (with the link to it) so that I can respond to it!!!!

Now for my poor, captive souls nominees:

Now, the creator of this award and the three who nominated be, by the award’s rules, cannot be nominated, so they are excluded from this list. Even if the condition that I’m about to give for people to be nominated fits the creator or those who nominated me, they are excluded; it won’t count.


Anyone (excluding the creator and the three who nominated me) who likes Harry Potter is nominated (again, excluding the previously stated four)!

Now for the questions for the nominees:

  1. What type of music do you love to listen to?
  2. What’s your favourite part of history?
  3. Are you into playing computer games?
  4. What’s your favourite Harry Potter movie/book?
  5. What is one theory that you’ve heard that made you wonder what drugs the people who believe it are on?
  6. Any tips for my blog(s)?
  7. What do you think of blogging overall?

Have a great day/night!


So, there’s been a bit of stuff going on at my end (my dad’s got stage 4 throat cancer) and I haven’t been in the right headspace to write stories on here, sorry. But me, my brother J-M’s History Corner and our little brother Joshua decided we’d do another singing video as we were lllloooooonnngggg overdue to do another one, so we are here yet again with another song – this time we sang the song Speechless from the 2019 Aladdin remake.

Hope you enjoy!

(And one thing I noticed is that while we are still no pros at singing, we have improved a LOT since “I Will Survive“)

Answering Your Assumptions About Me

A few days back, I did a post asking you all to share your assumptions about me and I’d answer them in 5 days time.

Well, it’s now that time.

I’m going to answer your assumptions about me…*evil cackle* there is no turning back now…

You have your driving license.

Nope, I do not.

You hate it when it rains! You only like hot weather.

Not totally accurate. I generally don’t like it when it rains cause it means I’m stuck inside, but I do like it when it rains in the sense that listening to the rain falling is actually quite relaxing and therapeutic for me, but other than that, I don’t like the rain. I don’t like hot weather. At all. I like warm and sunny weather, but not hot weather.

You’re a tomboy

ACCURATE!!!!!! I really hate all that girlie shit like wearing dresses, make-up and such. I prefer trousers or shorts (especially khaki ones). I don’t mind wearing skirts on occasion, but only if the skirts are plain and not fancy, frilly or crap like that – such as denim skirts; I don’t mind wearing denim skirts, but as stated earlier – only on occasion. I will sometimes wear a necklace or might do my hair up, but overall, I’m a tomboy.

Sometimes you’re sleep deprived.


You’ve read a few Stephen King novels.

Uh, no. Not fond of his writing.

You wish you had a sister but you love having only brothers.

100% ACCURATE!!!!!!!

You like anything blue.

Pretty much, yeah. Also like anything green, black, grey, purple and red.

You love talking.

Yes, as my family will tell you – I do love a good chat XD

You aren’t scared of many things.

Not too many, but I am scared of a few things.

You love writing novels!

I do 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁Was it that obvious on my blog that I love writing stories? 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

You really like taking part in every thing you find is interesting!!

Pretty much, yep.

You….really like red!

Yep! You guys have gotten some pretty accurate assumptions so far!

You are a great writer joker and you can keep the conversation going

Hehe…I would love to answer this, but, uh…modesty forbids

And…oh, that’s it! Thank you guys for sharing your assumptions, it was a lot of fun answering them XD Some were wrong, some were semi-accurate and some were pretty damn scarily spot on *mock shudders*

See you all next time!