I hope you enjoy this short story. I'm going to write it in diary form as it's really the only way that I can write this one-shot. Enjoy! October 17th I'm hopeless. I should be out. I should be doing things. I should be spending time with my family. But I can't get off the … Continue reading Addictions

It’s Not Because I Don’t Want To Talk To You


Just because I have closed the comments off in general doesn’t mean that I don’t want to talk to you; that I don’t want an alternative opinion or an argument about what I said. It’s not because I’m like the trolls and bigots on Twitter and Facebook who refuse to listen or hear anything other than their opinions. I WANT the comments open all the time, but I can’t. Something has come up that has prevented me from being able to have the comments open. Occasionally I will be able to have the comments open, but, sadly, most of the time I won’t be able to. It’s not a technical issue, just so you know, and I know I’m being annoyingly vague, but trust me when I say that I am very upset that I can’t have the comments open all the time, cause I am.

To the person who…

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