ZION Chapter Eleven



O’Hielder opened the door. Ivanka had never actually met her before, so was slightly taken aback by how stern she looked. Grey hair, piercing blue eyes and stern mouth. Ivanka gulped and said: “O’Hielder?”

“Who else could I be? Think!” O’Hielder snapped. She’s quite an austere character, observed Ivanka.

“I’m Ivanka Brown. I was told that you wanted to see me,” Ivanka choked out. Even though the woman had only glared and snapped, Ivanka felt terrified of O’Hielder.

“Yes. Get inside. Don’t stand around all day,” O’Hielder replied. Ivanka stepped inside. She followed O’Hielder into a room which she thought might be the lounge. “Sit down,” O’Hielder ordered. Ivanka sat down on a couch and then O’Hielder sat down herself.

Clearing her throat, O’Hielder began. “I was talking to Agrippas the other day, the espionage master, which one of his students had any potential as I wanted one, and still do. He told me that Petrus’s ward, you, were the best,” O’Hielder said, her eyes boring into Ivanka’s the whole time. “I spoke to Petrus and says you would be perfect for the job.”

O’Hielder paused then, and as the silence grew, Ivanka realised that she was expected to say something. “Uh…what job?” Ivanka asked.

“Geez, don’t you guys ever think? You are going to become one of the Shamrock Council’s agents. Well, really one of the Court of Scarlet’s agent. They’ll create your orders and I’ll give them,” O’Hielder explained with austerity.

Ivanka was dumbfounded. The Court of Scarlet, the highest global court, the most well-kept secret ever, was actually considering her as an agent as she knew that Julia did not really want her, it was the Court of Scarlet who did and that Julia was just following orders. It was so mind-boggling. “When do I start?” Ivanka accepted with alacrity.

“First, you have to send them a copy of your birth certificate, copies of your medical records, school records, any documents or records of yourself and send it to them and they will make their final decision of whether or not to take you based on the information they are provided about you. It’s a proof of identity or something like that, and it helps them decide whether you’ll be good enough,” O’Hielder said.

“I have to send all that?” Ivanka complained.

O’Hielder gave Ivanka a very cold stare. Ivanka was petrified. “Yep. I’ll do that,” she hastily agreed.

“You have one week to get it together and send it to the Court of Scarlet. They prefer things being sent by physical mail.” O’Hielder stood up and so did Ivanka. She showed Ivanka to the door and Ivanka went over to the car and climbed in.

“My apartment, please,” Ivanka told the driver.




At her apartment, Ivanka shut her door and sat down at the desk. She opened her laptop and logged in. She opened Google and in the search bar at the top, typed in ‘Library Archives, the Peak’. The Library Archives at the Peak contained old documents, files, birth records, records of everyone in all one hundred and fifty-seven regions – when they were all born, everything about them, all executions, imprisonments, enslavery, missions done by Peak agents – the Archives meticulously recorded everything and had records on everything and everyone.

Finding the site, Ivanka clicked on it and signed in. She knew that every keystroke of everyone who searched the site or actually visited the Library was recorded. In the Archives search bar, she typed in ‘Ivanka Brown Records’. It came up with her birth certificate, her school records, medical records, her certificate she was given when she started her espionage training and the certificate she was given when she completed her course in espionage training. It also came up with a list of all her friends she made in Region 12, really all to try and keep the Emperor updated on everything that was happening in Region 12.

She clicked on ‘print all documents’ and waited while her printer kicked in and began printing off the documents. Halfway through printing, it ran out of paper. Ivanka took out the printed pages and replaced the paper in her printer. As it continued, Ivanka decided to take a cursory glance at the printed-off pages to pass the time. She knew her birth certificate –

Name: Ivanka Brown. DOB: 22nd December 2035. Place of Birth: Royal Hospital, the Peak. Nurse(s) and Doctor(s): Nurse Patricia Godfrey and Dr. Hillary Gillard. Parents: Agent Mark Brown and Agent Lucy Brown. Weight: 7 pounds 20 oz. Length: 12 inches.

Next thing she read surprised her.


‘This is to acknowledge the change of the first name and surname of the female baby to Ivanka Brown. Appropriate changes have been made to the Birth Certificate. Original name and history is now forgotten and wiped from the record.’

It was signed by Emperor Noland, the entire Court of Scarlet and the entire Shamrock Council. And her parents signatures were also on there. The date the name change occurred was mentioned as being the 9th August, 2036. Ivanka was rather shocked. I went through a name change? So, Ivanka Brown isn’t my birth name? She looked again at the date and then realised. 9th August 2036 was about two or three months after her parents had been killed. So that means my parents surname was not Brown. What was my REAL name? Who am I? What were my parents real names? And why is my parents signatures on this when they were dead when my name change occurred?

The next one was the official papers that stated that Petrus Romanus was to be her carer. Not adopted or anything like that, but just look after her. She knew about that one. But then, she saw that that was ordered in June 2036. Two months before her name change to Ivanka Brown, but his signature was not on the register as it should have been as he was her official guardian at the time. What’s going on and why have they been lying to me and hiding this all from me? Ivanka wondered.

The printer finished printing everything. She decided to take a thorough look through everything. She picked up her school records. Her report cards were alright from Kindergarten to Primary School. Her teachers were all praising how smart she was, that she showed ‘amazing intellect for girl her age’ which was ‘extremely rare’. In her school records, she always kept up an A+ or B+ or B-. Then, it was during Primary School, things started turning suspicious. Because it recorded how one day she received an F- for all her homework. She remembered it was due to an unexplainable headache she suddenly had and that had affected her performance in school. The next week, she did not go to school at all, said the reports. Ivanka also remembered that. She had suddenly became really, really sick and had to be kept at home and was immobile for a few days. Ivanka had puzzled over that episode as she had always eaten healthy, exercised frequently.  As Petrus had said, she was a very healthy girl, so why she had become sick she had never been able to find out.

Quickly grabbing her medical records, she found the only records were the times she had the headache, the strange sickness and the time she had broken her arm through espionage training at the beginning of her course. The reports did not give a reason, medical theory, explanation or a prescription of what to do in the records of her headache and sickness episode. Looking again at her school records, she found that there was one month, when she was eight, she had only shown up for school four times in total. Ivanka tried hard to remember why, but she had no memory of it. And she remembered that the medical records never mentioned anything about her when that occurred.

Ivanka was very disturbed. Who was she really? Who were her parents? Why did she have that odd sickness and headache? Why had she only shown up four times at school in October when she was eight, almost nine, in 2045? Why did she have no memory of that particular time frame? Why was Petrus’s signature missing from the name change register as it should have been? Why were her parents signatures on there when they were dead at the time? Why was the League of Nations, the people whom she had grown up with and was loyal to, lying to her and hiding it from her? What was her past?

The ultimate question was: What the heck was going on?


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ZION Chapter Ten



As they fell, Alexei quietly said goodbye to his loved ones. Mum, Dad, his biological father he had never known. “Have Your Will and Your Way, YEHOVAH,” he prayed. Well, if they were going to die, there was still something to say. “Zip, I-”

They slammed into something hard. But that thing was moving. Huh? Looking up, they found themselves in one of their Rescue Modules. Fergus was piloting it. “Need any help, boss?” Fergus asked as Alexei he unclipped Zipporah and himself.

“Yeah,” Alexei said. “Put Zipporah in Rehab while I take this package off.” Fergus put the Rescue Module into autopilot and then lifted Zipporah up and gently placed her on a hospital bed. Alexei came over. He grabbed an oxygen mask and was just about to fit it on her when she grabbed his hand with a look of fear in her eyes. Alexei smiled reassuringly and began stroking her hair. “Shh. It’s okay, Zipporah. Everything’s okay now. I’m just going to put an oxygen mask on. It’ll help you. Don’t worry,” he spoke soothingly. She relaxed and smiled back. Zipporah did not let go, though.

“Okay. I trust you.” Then she cried out in pain and began breathing rapidly. Alexei swiftly fastened the mask on Zipporah’s face. He had slipped a sweet smelling knock-out drug into the oxygen feed so it would knock her out for a two whole days so they could take her into the Clinic at Zion and check on her and operate safely if need be. Zipporah’s breathing slowed down and she closed her eyes. Her grip on Alexei’s hand lessened. Alexei stood up and began assessing the damage with his keen medical eye he had gained from intensive medical training he had undertaking for his education. “Severe beating, signs of stress, trauma and torture. Father!” Alexei sighed. It was a plea to YAH to show him what to do and for Zipporah’s healing.

“Here,” Fergus showed him a small white cylinder with a red lid and the words ‘100% Natural Herbiotic Cream’ were in a golden colour on a sticker and had a flowery engraving around the outside of the sticker.

“Thanks,” Alexei said and unscrewed the lid. He began spreading a light covering over all her wounds and bruises. The cream was made from natural herbal plants and helped the cells to heal faster and also creates a new healthy skin for the body. It was created by W.J. Einstein who was also a natural therapist and biologist as well as scientist and engineer. “Praise You, YAHUSHUA, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Thank You for saving us,” Alexei thanked. Turning to his employee with a wicked sense of humour, he said, “I thought I gave a strict order to leave.”

Fergus chuckled and shot back: “You’re going to have to bring it up with Abba YAH. Just following HIS instructions.”

Alexei laughed, the stress began to dissipate. “Thanks, anyway.” But, the horrible feeling twisted tightly again in his gut as he looked back at Zipporah. “How did this happen?” Alexei asked. “Why didn’t you go in there when she began to take so long? Why didn’t you help her when you finished your set of explosives?” His voice rose.

“She knew how to set the explosives. Her trainer told us and you’ve seen her in practice. I didn’t think she needed any help,” Fergus replied.

“Well, when you noticed she was taking a long time, why didn’t you go inside and check?”

“I called in and she said that she was alright and that she was just leaving. After that, when she did not come out, I went in and checked and found her gone,” Fergus replied. He sighed and they were silent for a few more seconds. “We were set up,” he said, his voice lowering, voicing what Alexei knew.

Alexei sighed. He knew he had gotten all worked up from everything. And from worry about losing her. It was not easy commanding the Stingrays. Help me to relax and trust You, he quietly prayed. “Okay. From now on, all members of the Stingrays will help each other out, regardless,” and he emphasised that word, “of whether the others know what to do or not so we all know what’s going on,” Alexei said in a peremptory voice.

“Yes sir,” Fergus said quietly.

Z4, this is Rescue Module. We will be docking soon,” Alexei called in through the comms. Turning to Fergus, he nodded for him to go back to the controls and switch it back to manual. Fergus nodded and went. “Zion, this is Rescue Module. Come in, please.”

“Alexei! Oh, thank YAH,” Anne breathed in relief. “How’s Zipporah?” He filled his mother in on what had been happening. “Oh no! That’s terrible!” Anne put her hand to her mouth.

“Yeah. Mum, get Jeremiah ready for when we come home so he can immediately begin,” Alexei suggested.

Anne nodded. “Absolutely. Okay. Good-bye,” and she hung up.




At the Peak, the Mary Anne landed and Benedict, Tom, Ivanka and the Law Enforcer that had captured Zipporah disembarked. Benedict was fuming at Tom and the Law Enforcer, Harrison Solo. “Stupid! Idiots! Morons! Couldn’t even keep an eye on the girl!”

“Now, Benedict, even you said that no-one would try and get her off the plane in mid-flight,” Ivanka teased in a patronising tone. “Also to do with the fact that she could not escape due to her…condition.” She loved to rub it in whenever this happened to Benedict.

He shot her a murderous glance before continuing his rant. “Now, normally if it was one of my other men, I would not be wasting my breath. But you, Solo, a Law Enforcer! I mean…”

As he rambled on, Ivanka whispered to Solo, “Harrison, how does Benedict pick the men he does to work for him?”

“He doesn’t get a choice. They’re assigned to him,” Solo whispered back to Ivanka.

“…I’ve got to report to the Emperor himself that his plans failed because a Law Enforcer and one of MY MEN couldn’t even…” he trailed off when one of the League’s soldiers walked up to them. Two types of soldiers lived at the Peak. They were a much higher status than the Law Enforcers, who lived in the regions. The soldier who had just approached them was part of the type that protected the Peak city, positioned on the outskirts of the Peak. They were called the Light Force, and were super soldiers. The other status, the highest status in the military, were called the Super Cyborgs, who were cyborgs who protected the Emperor and the Empress and their son as well as protecting the Emperor’s palace.

“Ms. Ivanka Brown?” the soldier asked for.

“I am she,” Ivanka stepped forward.

“Ma’am, your presence is requested by Julia O’Hielder,” the soldier said. “Follow me, please.” The soldier turned and left and Ivanka followed behind him. Ivanka wondered what on earth could Julia O’Hielder want with her. Julia O’Hielder was the cold, tough, ruthless leader of the Shamrock Council.

O’Hielder was born in what used to be called Ireland, now known as Continent 5. The Shamrock Council was the court that “criminals” were judged, people were sentenced to life imprisonment, death, or severe slavery for ten to twenty years, if they would live that long.

Julia O’Hielder was the Head Judge of the Shamrock Council. But the Shamrock Council did not really decide anything. Once they had a case, O’Hielder would report it to the Court of Scarlet – which was a secret organisation that the public had no idea existed – and the Court of Scarlet would make the final decision and the Shamrock Council had to obey their decision. The Court of Scarlet used to be called the High Court, but was renamed the Court of Scarlet as every member of the Court of Scarlet was arrayed in scarlet coloured ceremonial robes and wore scarlet coloured wide-brimmed hats. That court answered only to Emperor Noland. Ivanka was led to a limousine and she and the soldier climbed in. The soldier rapped the driver’s shoulder with a baton. “O’Hielder’s,” the soldier said. The driver, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed man, silently nodded and drove away from the airport. The driver was one of the people to appear on trial before the Shamrock Council. He was declared guilty for stealing food to eat (he was from one of the poorer regions – Region 18 – and food was severely rationed there). When he was released, he did not talk again. Mute. By orders of the Court of Scarlet. He was then hired as a limousine driver around the Peak.

A few minutes later, the car pulled up infront of a two-story mansion. It had a beautiful flower garden, elaborate engravings on the walls. A really beautiful house, thought Ivanka as she opened the gate and closed it. The soldier had instructed the driver to wait for Ivanka to return after her visit. Ivanka walked up the front steps and knocked on the front door.


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ZION Chapter Nine



They arrived at the hatch. “Get off,” Alexei ordered and he helped Zipporah climb down.

Opening the pack, he pulled out a harness and put it on Zipporah, and then attached the harness (and Zipporah) to himself. The pack was a jet pack with wings. Zipporah was in front of him and they both opened the hatch, dove out and activated the wings.


An alarm beeped in the Captain’s Cabin. Ivanka checked on the screen where the alarm was coming from.

“What is it?” Benedict asked.

“Someone’s just opened the docking hatch,” Ivanka answered.


“Switching to cameras and – whoa!” She did a double-take. “TWO people just jumped out of the plane. Some man I don’t know and…the girl!” Ivanka gasped.

“Initiate defenses,” Benedict ordered, while muttering under his breath, “someone’s going to pay heavy for this!” Ivanka nodded and, lifting the plastic cover, slammed her fist on a red button.




Hearing a whistling noise, Alexei and Zipporah looked behind them and saw several things shoot out from the plane. They looked like…

“Air mines!” Zipporah gasped. Alexei began praying as he dodged an air mine, praying none would lock onto his infra-red signature. “Alexei! There’s one heading right for us! Eight o’clock!”

Alexei groaned. They had locked onto the signature. He flew upwards sharply and the incoming mine collided with another mine, and they exploded beneath Alexei and Zipporah.

“Alexei, what’s happening?” David called in.

“Air mines.”

“I’ll send some assistance right away,” David offered straight away.

“No. It’s too risky. The air mines could lock onto their signature and we’ll be back at square one,” Alexei pointed out.

“Well, you better come up with something fast. ELOHIM be with you two,” and David shut off. Alexei’s comms beeped an alarm. It showed he had only half of his fuel left.

“YAH, I need you,” he prayed.

“Amen,” Zipporah agreed.

“Alexei, how’s things?” Bob asked.

“Just peachy, Bob. We’re in danger of being blown to bits or dropping from the sky from lack of fuel. How are you?”

“I can pick some off, if it helps,” Bob suggested.

“That would be lovely,” Zipporah said.

“Please,” Alexei accepted.

“Copy.” Bob looked at John, Fergus and Veronica. “Who wants to play with the new toy?”

“Me,” John raised his hand as he accepted, stood up and went over to a seat not far from where he originally was sitting. As soon as he sat down, holographic sights came up infront of him as well as holo-controls. He put on a headset that would allow him to see everything outside of the aircraft. Spotting a target, he swiveled the Defense Module around and aligned the sights before firing. The mine exploded.

“Thanks, guys,” Alexei thanked.

“Alexei,” Zipporah said thoughtfully, “couldn’t we just zoom into Z4 and leave quickly?”

“No, unfortunately. Because they’re locked onto us, they’d just follow us in, or follow and blow,” Alexei explained.




John was focused on one mine and did not see the other one coming from the other side. Suddenly, Z4 jerked and vibrated and threw everyone on the floor. An alarm blared. “Warning: Left wing compromised. Warning: Left wing compromised,” a computerised monotonous voice announced.

“We’ve been hit!” Bob cursed. Red lights flashed and the alarm kept blaring as Z4 fell out of the sky in a spiral fashion. The other intact engine completely shut down. “Mayday! Mayday! This is Z4 to Zion. We’re going down! I repeat, Z4 is going down!”

“Bob!” Alexei cried out as they narrowly avoided another mine.

Bob went through everything he had been taught to do in his training for just such an occasion – but they all failed. “YEHOVAH, please help us,” he quietly prayed. The ground was coming at breaking-neck speed. “Come on, come on!” and with a yell, he slammed his fist on the console. The engine spluttered back into life and started up. He pulled the joystick up and they regained flight – before they could slam into the ground, which they were about to do. “This is Z4. We regained flight. Switching on the back-up systems,” Bob reported in. “Thank You, YEHOVAH,” he added to ELOHIM.

“Hallelujah,” Veronica voiced her gratefulness.

“THANK YOU YAH!!!” Fergus and John added.

“Coming back to help you guys,” Bob said to Alexei and Zipporah over the comms.

“No, Bob! You can barely hold level flight now. What would happen if you came again with a busted aircraft and were hit again? You have a better chance at getting back to Zion alive,” Alexei said.

“We are not just going to leave you two. You guys could fall from the sky at any time now,” Bob contradicted.

“It’s better two than eight. Go home,” Alexei grunted.


“That’s an order,” Alexei said in his authoritative, no-argument tone. He looked at his fuel gauge. Three quarters empty. Abba YAH, I hope I am making the right choice, he thought.




Bob was piloting Z4 home, but was feeling really bad. “What have I done? I-they’re gonna’ die out there!” This isn’t right, he thought guiltily. “Father, what should I do?” he prayed.




“Alexei,” Zipporah asked, “how are we getting back home?” Alexei was silent. Zipporah thought hard. Z4 had been sent home, ordered to leave them. How were they getting back? Then she realised. Oh.


They were not going back. Suddenly, Alexei grunted and swerved sharply right. Two mines exploded right behind them, throwing them into an uncontrollable spin. Then there was a beeping and Alexei and Zipporah realised they had run out of fuel.


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ZION Chapter Eight


“We have got visual,” Bob reported to Zion when they came in sight of the plane.

“Copy,” Anne answered.

“Someone needs to do a mid-air transfer and go into the plane and retrieve Zipporah,” David instructed.

“So, who’s going to go?” John wondered.

“I’ll go,” Fergus offered.

“None of you will,” Alexei ordered. “I’m going. The rest of you stay here.” He stood up and left the cockpit and went down into the cargo bay. He punched a code into a keypad and robotic arms suited him up in a special suit for the mid-air transfer, he placed a special pack on his back for later and turned on the communicator on his comms. “Bob, go up to two thousand feet above the plane,” Alexei ordered.

“Copy. Adjusting course,” Bob acknowledged and pulled on a joystick and the plane climbed, gaining altitude. “We’re at two thousand feet above the plane, Alexei,” he reported after a pause.

“Open auxiliary doors,” Alexei ordered.

“Opening.” The auxiliary doors opened infront of Alexei. He could feel and hear air rushing inside the cargo bay. He saw the other plane below him. He turned on the invisibility shield. Father, it’s in Your Hands, Alexei silently prayed. “Commencing mid-air transfer,” he reported to the others as he jumped out, heading for his target – the plane.

“One thousand nine hundred and twenty feet from target,” Veronica said as she watched a holo-image of Alexei on the Ops, which she was holding. “Nineteen hundred feet from target.”

Alexei turned on the scanner in his visor. With it, he was able to find a docking hatch. “Veronica?” he enquired.

“Eighteen hundred and fifty-five feet,” she responded.

He gauged the distance. I might just be able to make it, he figured. “Activating airbreak.” Alexei pressed a button on his comms and two metal wings opened with jets built into them. He then flew under the plane and over to the docking hatch. He took out a small device that W.J. Einstein had created and, placing it on the plane right next to the hatch, turned it on. The device would allow him to open the hatch and close it without the plane’s – called Mary Anne – systems realising that anything had happened.

Opening the hatch, he climbed in and then shut the hatch. The little device he had planted would also make sure his presence was not picked up by any sensors or cameras on board. He turned off the invisibility shield and moved in the direction YEHOVAH prompted.




Captain’s Cabin most likely, he thought as he looked at the door. He began to sneak past, when he heard voices inside. He felt that ELOHIM wanted him to listen.

“You’re supposed to be an excellent sniper! You missed him, Ivanka!” an angry person, a male, thundered.

“Benedict, think logically,” Ivanka retorted. Alexei could tell this Ivanka was struggling to be patient with this Benedict. “The plan was that I shoot the Geheimnis and then the fog is dropped. But the gas person YOU PERSONALLY assigned was so incompetent that he dropped the gas ahead of schedule.”

Benedict growled. “The Geheimnis escaped. People not following simple instructions. Someone GIVE ME GOOD NEWS!!!”

“It is now twenty minutes until three o’clock,” Ivanka responded, checking her watch.

“Excellent,” Benedict gratefully sighed. By the way he said it, Alexei guessed Benedict was smiling.

“Yes. Tea time. Mrs Cook’s tea with cream cakes with icing are very excellent. I think I’ll have some of those for tea. Don’t you think, Benedict?” another man reminisced in a dreamy tone.

“Tom, you’ve forgotten, haven’t you?” Benedict sighed.

“Oh, we’re not having the cream cakes?” Tom asked.

Alexei tried to stifle laughter.

“Tut, tut, Benedict. You really must be applauded. It’s amazing the type of people you gain access to,” Ivanka teased sarcastically. “How they are all the same. Really. It’s mind boggling. How do you do it? How you manage to pick out of all our top qualified people, the complete mindless ones -”

“Ivanka,” Benedict growled threateningly. “Tom, at three o’clock we are going to fake the girl’s death, so the Zionists think she is dead and so they won’t attempt a rescue and we’ll be free to get the information out of her in whatever way we please. Now, can you remember all that?”

“Is this before the tea? Or after?” Tom asked.

Alexei continued on his way before he could hear what came next. So, the question was, where was she being held? “Father, where? Where is she?” Alexei prayed. The plane was designed exactly like Air Force One, the plane that used to carry the American Presidents before it was scrapped for the League of Nations own luxury airliner – the Victory. YAH  instructed him to head down.


This was it. She had to be there. Alexei felt very strongly that this was the end of this search for Zipporah, so she had to be in this compartment. Alexei touched the ‘open door’ option on the touch-screen pad next to the door and prayed a quick prayer.


Zipporah tensed when the door opened with a click! But she kept her eyes closed and pretended she was still asleep. She heard the sound of running feet and could hear and feel someone fiddling with her restraints. Zipporah opened her eyes. She could not believe whom she was seeing. Alexei. As her mouth was duct taped, to catch his attention as he was focused on the restraints, Zipporah let out a small moan. Alexei immediately began to talk to her, comforting her.

“I’ll have you out soon, Zip. Back home to your mother,” Alexei said soothingly. She felt her restraints loosen and then fall off. Alexei then reached up and removed the duct tape from over her mouth. Even though her whole body hurt from the action, she hugged him, burying her head in her shoulder. He’s here. Alexei’s here. I’m safe. I’m going home. She then let out a small sob.

“It’s okay,” he whispered. Zipporah pulled away. “Now, if we don’t leave right now, we’ll soon be in trouble. Can you walk?” He asked.

Zipporah managed to stand. She attempted to walk, but ended up clutching her left leg and middle-section, wincing. Alexei unhitched the special pack he had brought. “Climb on my back,” he said in an authoritative, no-argument tone. She climbed on, wrapping her arms and legs around him. He held the pack in one of his hands. “Ready?” Alexei enquired. When she said she was, they took off for the exit.




Outside, a flock of birds flew by the plane. One of the birds accidentally knocked the little device Alexei planted off the plane and it fell to earth.



By the way, I need to put up a disclaimer. I did not come up with the joke about what would happen at three o’clock. One of my older brothers came up with that when I asked for help in that area.


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ZION Chapter Seven



“People of planet Earth,” the voice of Emperor Noland said, “this is a message to everyone – including Zion.”

“Guys, are you getting this?” Anne asked over the comms.

“Yes,” they all said in unison.

“I’m activating the holo-screen on your comms,” David said.

Then a holo-image of Emperor Noland appeared before all the Zionists. “If any of you Zionists are listening, and I hope you are, this will teach you to stop your pitiful attempts to destroy us,” Noland continued in his cold tone.

An image appeared before them all of a person tied up, gagged and looking like she had been through hell.

“Zipporah!” gasped Alexei and her mother, Eileen, simultaneously. Eileen was in the Control Core for the mission as Zipporah was in it.

“In two hours, she will die just like her father did – trying to stop us when it only results in casualties for YOU. I sincerely hope that this quenches all senseless attempts to overthrow the League of Nations as nothing can stop us.” And with that, Emperor Noland shut off the video feed.




In Zion, David was desperate. “Ferraday, can you track where that signal came from?” he requested.

“Way ahead of you,” Ferraday quipped. He had been trying to track it since the feed had been airing. He had trapped the signal in a “cage” on his computer and their equipment could still track it’s origins. He groaned. “It’s double-encrypted.”

David turned to Donald. “Don, you are great at hacking. Can you try to decode the signal?”

“Yes, sir.” Ferraday stood up and Donald took his place, trying to decipher the signal – very quickly.




Veronica had retrieved John and they were all making their way to Warehouse 7. Upon arriving, the Stingrays checked for signs of people inside. It was – mercifully – empty. They did find, however, stacks of storage boxes. Just like the warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Alexei mentally compared. Everyone climbed onto the roof where they found Fergus there waiting. “Did you see, Commander?” Fergus asked. “They’ve kidnapped Zipporah.” He was feeling especially guilty.

“Yes, I saw that,” Alexei sighed. “I wonder what’s in those boxes?”

“I did a scan before I came up here. It’s full of menorahs, Bibles, prayer shawls, anything to do with Christianity, or Jewish or Messianic. They have been storing it away in the warehouses from the public. Though it has not been used for almost a week,” Fergus stated. He was very intuitive.

“Bob, we are at Warehouse 7,” Alexei said over his comms to Bob.

“Copy. Almost there,” Bob answered. Then he thought of something. “But, Alex, when I’m over the warehouse, I’m going to have to become visible so you guys can board using the ladder. Could the enemy spot us on the radar and fire at us?” Bob asked thoughtfully.

“Then you all might want to try the new device, Stingrays, that I’ve recently planted in your comms,” Zion’s scientist and engineer, W.J. Einstein, said. He had been in the Control Core once the Stingrays had set off for Region 64. “It’s a teleporter. Just select the option ‘Portal’  and type in your destination and you’ll be teleported there instantaneously.”

“Thanks Einstein,” they all said. John took hold of Jason and Fergus took hold of Megan and the Stingrays activated the teleporter. In a few seconds they appeared in Z4, sat down and buckled in. John made sure Megan and Jason were strapped in properly before strapping in himself. Z4 then headed out of Region 64.




“Donald?” David asked after a few tense minutes.

“Ah-ha!” Donald exclaimed. “Zipporah is on a plane heading for the Peak.”

“Thanks. Alexei,” David spoke over the comms. “Zipporah is on a plane heading for the Peak. Sending the co-ordinates now.”




There was a bleep as the co-ordinates arrived in Z4s computer. “Co-ordinates received. We’ll head there now,” Alexei replied.

“Copy,” Bob said and he plotted a course to the aeroplane. Once it was done, he flew off after the plane.




Zipporah was pondering and praying about her situation. “Father, show me a way out of this, please. I’m sorry I didn’t react quickly enough. Show me the way. Amen.” She was also wondering, as it appeared the mission was a trap, why ELOHIM instructed them to do it. All she knew was that she was on a plane going to who knows where and that she was aching all over, tired and hungry, and that whatever happened, YAH and YAHUSHUA would be there for her.


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ZION Chapter Six

Fergus waited outside the building, waiting for Zipporah to come out. “Zipporah, what’s taking so long? Everything alright? Need help?” he called through the wrists communicators that the Stingrays all had.

Zipporah set the timer on the final explosive before answering. “Everything’s fine. Just set the timer on the final explosive charge. Coming out now.”

“Well, hurry up. You’ve only got five minutes until the place goes up,” Fergus urged.

“Copy,” Zipporah replied. She turned to leave and saw a Law Enforcer standing there. Before she could even grab hold of her gun, the Law Enforcer flew across the room in a blur and collided into her, knocking her down to the floor. She attempted to stand up, but he hit her on the head with the butt of the gun and stood on her arms hard.

The Law Enforcer smiled sweetly and began to look over her gun as if he was admiring it. “My, my, my. Little sweetie, you are very naughty to be playing with explosives, let along guns. They are very dangerous.” And with that, he threw the gun to one side. Then he tutted. “Tut, tut. Stupid. Just like your father.” The man cackled. Rage burned through her veins at the insult to her father. She wanted to stand up, and even attempted to, but could not because of him. “But you’ll die a much more violent death than your father.” Three minutes left.

She choked the words out. “As will you.”

He laughed that terrifying laugh again. “You were so diligent and thoughtful on how to gain access in here. But you failed to think on how you would be getting out.” Her heart sank. She had failed and it was too late.


John ran a couple blocks away from the Institution and dove for cover in an alleyway for protection against the blast. It was going to be soon and the Law Enforcers base still had not blown up first, like planned. What was going wrong?


Back at the square, everyone heard an explosion. Alexei was confused. The Institution had blown up. But the Law Enforcers base was supposed to blow up beforehand. Something was wrong. Suddenly there was the sound of a tin clanking across the ground and then a thick fog enveloped the square. The snipers began firing. Alexei pushed Megan off the platform and onto the ground and lay flat. He found the bottom of the fog was a few centimetres off the ground and that he could see underneath it. Several people fell down, shot dead.

“Jason,” Megan looked at Alexei. “You must find my son, Jason.”

“Soon. What did you mean that this was a trap?” Alexei asked.

Megan looked sorrowful when she heard the question. “Two days ago, some Law Enforcers burst into my home and forced me into an agreement that Jason and I would go along with this scheme to pretend to be executed for a supposed crime to lure you into a trap. Jason was at school when that happened and I was not allowed to tell him we were pretending. I’m sorry. I did not want to have you killed, but I did not have any option in the matter. I do not know anything else. I swear. Please. I have to find my son. He’s all I have left.”

“I’ll try to locate Jason. Follow me, Megan. Stay low and keep quiet,” Alexei whispered back as they crawled along the ground to try and locate Jason.


Fergus was getting annoyed. There was only one minute left before the building blew, and Zipporah had not come out yet. “Zipporah! Come in! Are you there?” There was no response. Only static. “Boss, Zipporah hasn’t come out yet and is not answering her comms. There is only forty-nine seconds left,” Fergus called into Alexei.


Alexei’s pulse quickened. Oh no. Not Zipporah. Not so soon after Aaron. “Well, go in there and find her!” Alexei was whispering, but sounded more angry than he was because he was really worried. “Father,” he quietly prayed. “Please let Zipporah be alright.”


Fergus fired a zip line to a place above one of the windows on the second floor where Zipporah had set her explosives and the zip line pulled him up. Breaking through the window into the room, he tried to find the last known place where Zipporah had been. Twenty-nine seconds. “Zipporah!” he yelled. Twenty-five seconds. Fergus spotted a bent and broken piece of metal on the floor. He took a close look. It was Zipporah’s gun. Fergus then spotted her communicator, broken and smashed, thrown on the floor. Fourteen seconds. He shuddered as he realised that someone had been waiting for her and attacked her. Knowing he had to leave, he turned and ran back the way he had come in, for the window. Eleven seconds. Ten. He leaped through the window. Eight seconds. Seven. Fergus landed on the ground and rolled, hurting his right arm. Five seconds. He took refuge by the side of a building and blocked his ears.


While this was happening, Veronica crept up to a truck. She had fled the square under cover of the fog to try and find transportation. The driver was leaning against it, smoking a cigar. She could tell by the black uniform and motorbike helmet with a dark tinted visor, that the person was a Law Enforcer. She stood up and walked straight over to the Law Enforcer. “Hey,” the Law Enforcer, a man, scolded. “Why aren’t you at the execution? Everyone has to go. It is compulsory by law.” Just then, the Law Enforcers Base blew up. The guy was distracted by it and turned to have a look. Veronica knocked the guy off his feet with her leg and he landed on the ground. He stood up and she threw a kick and then a punch to the abdomen. The man fell and Veronica took the helmet off before punching him in the face several times, which knocked him out cold. She then put on the uniform and helmet.


Alexei and Megan arrived back at the platform. The fog was still quite thick. “Geheimnis,” Julius bellowed loudly on the microphone. “I now have Jason in my hands. I have a gun pointed at his head.”

“Let me go! Let me go!” Jason could be heard yelling as he struggled to free himself.

“Megan Lettuce, if you can hear me, I know you are with the Geheimnis. If you turn him over to me, I will release your son and you two can live in peace. But, if you do not turn the Geheimnis over to me to die, Jason will die in his place. Which one is better to die? The Geheimnis? Or…your own son? Who will you condemn to death? You have two minutes to bring the Geheimnis up on the stage or Jason dies,” Julius finished.

Alexei looked at Megan and Megan looked back at him with fear in her eyes. What would she choose?


“The two minutes are up!” Julius announced. The fog was starting to thin out.

“Wait! Wait, please, Julius!” cried Megan as she staggered up the steps, dragging a beaten up person up the stairs onto the stage behind her.

“Do you have the Geheimnis?” Julius asked. Megan dumped the person in a heap on the platform and turned to Julius and Jason.

“There he is,” she said. Julius released Jason to her and went over to Alexei and turned him over onto his back. He had a bloody face. “Is he still alive?” Julius asked.

“Barely. He fought me. That’s how he got the bloody face,” Megan answered.

“Do you happen to know his identity?” Julius asked as he pulled out a gun and loaded it.


“Anyways,” and Julius pointed the gun at Alexei’s heart. “Adieu.”

Alexei’s leg swung up, knocking the gun out of Julius’s hand. He stood up and punched Julius in the nose. Julius staggered backwards from the blow and fell off the stage. Veronica pulled up and Alexei, Megan and Jason climbed in and Veronica drove off – leaving Julius sprawling in the dust.

“Fergus,” Alexei turned on his comms immediately. “Did you find Zipporah?”

“I’m afraid not,” Fergus sighed. “Only her broken gun and comms.”

Alexei felt like the air had been ripped out of him. Gathering himself together, he gave an order. “We’ll talk about it later. Meet us at Warehouse 7. Dad, I’m going to need that airlift we discussed.”

“Copy.” David looked at Donald. “Call him in.” Donald nodded and ran out to a hut. He walked straight in and found the man reading his Bible.

“Bob,” Donald said. “You’re needed in the air.” Bob stood up. “You’re to go to Warehouse 7 in Region 64 for an air pick up.” Bob nodded and ran over to a hatch in the floor and lifted it up, revealing a secret flight of stairs leading underground. He descended down the stairs, through a tunnel and into the Launch Room. After suiting up in a changing room, he climbed into one of the aircraft. The ground above was actually an auxiliary doors in disguise and they opened after he typed in some key numbers on a keypad on the wall nearby. He climbed in, buckled up, closed the hatch and Bob’s aircraft, Z4, was tilted up. Bob then turned on the cloaking device that would allow him to fly about unseen and unheard and remain invisible to radar and the naked eye. And he launched and flew about in the direction of Region 64.

“I’m heading over there,” Bob reported to Zion and Alexei. But then, a cold and menacing voice spoke – to everyone who was tuned into the television.

“People of planet Earth.”


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ZION Chapter Five



Ivanka Brown was lifting weights in an exercise centre. She was brown-haired and green-eyed and was a secret agent for the League of Nations.

“Ivanka, please report to Petrus immediately,” a voice reported over an intercom. Ivanka put the weights down and walked down the aisle to Petrus’s office. Ivanka was in the city were all the League of Nations people lived – the Peak, though the inhabitants of the regions dubbed it ‘satan’s abode’. It was the city where only the Law Enforcers, Emperor Noland and his family, League members and secret agents could come and go or live in. She was known, at the Peak, as a merciless murderer. Ivanka lived in Region 12. No-one there knew she was a secret agent. She had quietly teleported herself to the Peak because she had received orders from Petrus, her guardian/trainer/mentor had a mission for her. She viewed him almost as an adoptive father as he had taken her in when she was a baby and looked after her ever since her parents had died.

Arriving at Petrus’s office, she walked straight in. They were really close. “Hi, Petrus,” Ivanka greeted. Petrus was doing something on his laptop when she had arrived. He smiled at her and indicated a seat across from him. Ivanka took it.

“Hello, Ivanka,” he greeted warmly. He shut down the laptop. “How are you enjoying life?”

She shrugged. “Could be better. Nothing exciting. Truth is, I’m bored,” she answered.

“Ever heard of the Geheimnis?” Petrus asked suddenly.

“Sure. The bastard is infamously known for being like the Scarlet Pimpernel,” Ivanka replied.

“Well, we’ve set a trap for him. We’ve kidnapped one of his agents and forced her to write a fake report to the Geheimnis. In Region 64,” Petrus said. “One he won’t escape.”

“Isn’t he a Zionist?” Ivanka asked with vehemence.

Petrus nodded sadly. “Yes. The same organisation that sadly killed your parents. Now, you are going to be part of a plan to capture the Geheimnis and get rid of our number one enemy forever.

Ivanka sat forward eagerly. Anything to extract revenge on her parents death when she was a baby. “What do I need to do?”




Zipporah and Fergus were under disguise in Region 64.  They were positioned, in hiding, near the Law Enforcers base. They were going to go in there in three minutes to blow up the building as one of the distractions they had planned. John would do the same to the Institution (the ‘mentally ill’ or ‘undesirables’ were making a rare appearance in public at the square for the execution) while Alexei and Veronica would rescue Megan and Jason.

“Two minutes and fifty seconds to go,” Zipporah reported. She double-checked that her gun was assembled and ready.

“Remember what to do, Zip?” Fergus asked, just in case. Zipporah nodded. “Now, remember, eight minute detonation time. Just get in there, and get the job done and get out.”

“Yep. Two minutes and forty-two seconds.”


Alexei and Veronica merged with the crowd forced to gather and watch the execution. They could not talk, but they glanced at each other. Both were praying that everything would work out fine. Veronica checked her watch. Two minutes and twenty-eight seconds to go.


“It’s time,” Fergus said after checking his watch. They grabbed their weapons and explosives and ran unseen over to the building. Peeking through a window, Fergus noted the room was empty. Fergus opened the window. He thought it rather odd that it was partly open beforehand as the Law Enforcers were all out and always shut everything up when they all left. They climbed into the room and listened for any noise. Nothing.

“Where are we supposed to go?” Zipporah whispered to Fergus.

“You will plant the explosives here,” he pointed around to an area close to the top floor that was shown on the Ops, which he was carrying. “And I’ll take this area. Copy?”

“Copy.” Zipporah took her explosives and went her way.


Megan and Jason were brought up onto the execution platform. Megan was thinking about the past two days. Two Law Enforcers came to her house and told her that she and Jason were going to be executed. When asked what they did wrong (Jason was at school), the reply was ‘nothing’ and that they were going to fake their execution to trap the Geheimnis and that she could not tell Jason what was really going on as they wanted his performance as genuine as possible to better fool the Geheimnis. She saw the executioner, dubbed ‘De Ville’ by Region 64, make his appearance, his face covered. Megan could only hope that when the Geheimnis came, she would gain the courage to tell him the truth, that it was a trap. Even if she died, she would ask his forgiveness and ask him to save her son, Jason.


Zipporah looked around the room, trying to decide where would be the best place to plant the explosives. Finding a suitable spot, she planted them and set the timer for eight minutes. She would have eight minutes to set two other explosives and get out. Zipporah hurried to the next room to plant the next explosives.


De Ville had a mask over his face, as usual, as he went over to the man hosting the whole thing, Julius Caesar, who was telling the audience the crimes that Megan and Jason had supposedly committed.

“They have spoken out against Emperor Noland and his wonderful establishment, saying they had a plan to kill the Emperor. That is a capital offense, as Emperor Noland only wants what is best for everyone and his establishment has kept peace and health for eighteen years. So, now, they are being punished for their treason,” Julius said loudly over the microphone he held in his hand. In the other he held a sharpened axe. “We will punish these treacherous snakes for their injustice by decapitation.” Julius then turned to De Ville and gave him a sharpened axe. “You may proceed, De Ville.”

De Ville went over to Megan and Jason and grabbed hold of Megan, dragging her over to the stump where he would decapitate her. She was screaming and crying. “Hey,” he whispered, just loud enough for Megan to hear. “It’s me. The Geheimnis.”

Megan gasped and felt like she would throw up. “Oh no,” she whispered back. “It is a trap. They’re going to kill you-” She was cut off by him forcing her on her knees and pushing her head against the stump. De Ville/Alexei saw some snipers hidden in the windows of nearby buildings, all trailed on the square. “They’re going to kill you”. Megan’s words rang like alarm bells in his brain. He broke into a cold sweat. He prayed that Veronica and the others would hurry up soon.


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ZION Chapter Four

Anne joined them on the porch and David told the people that Aaron was dead, that at least one (possibly two) of their agents were compromised and that extra security and safety precautions would be instigated just in case the enemy knew of Zion’s location. There would be no lights on at night, everything had to be camouflaged: the buildings, the people would wear camouflaged clothing; and if anyone left Zion, someone had to go with them and they had to carry weapons.

Alexei barely heard him.

He was worried for Zipporah and Eileen. It was the unspoken agreement between everyone at Zion that they all pitch in and help one another. If someone died, everyone would help out the mourning family. If anyone needed help, everyone would be willing to help out. Everyone looked out for one another. But, how would Eileen handle Aaron’s death? Her other son and daughter had both died of starvation when the League of Nations came in. Her father had attempted to escape with her, Aaron and Zipporah, but had been captured. She worried everyday what he would be going through as punishment for their escape. (Eileen prayed diligently for him). But, Alexei concluded, she was a woman of resilient faith. Hopefully, her faith would last.

David touched his shoulder. “Son?” he said. He had called him ‘son’ after he had saved Alexei’s life once from drowning, and had shown such love and concern for him, that Alexei finally bonded with David and had started calling him ‘Dad’, so David called him ‘son’. With a start, Alexei realised that David had finished his announcement and was going inside with Anne on his arm and the crowd was dispersing.

“Coming,” he said, and followed Anne and David inside. They went inside a room that they called the Control Core.

“Donald, what does Karen say?” Anne inquired as she, David, Alexei, Ferraday, and Alexei’s three members of his team – Veronica, Fergus, and John – became seated. Donald went over to a desktop computer where lots of numbers, letters and complex algebraic expressions were filling the screen.

“Hang on,” Donald said as he waited for the computer to decipher the code. Karen would have written a letter, the cover being a letter addressed to a friend or relative in another region. (While not being allowed out of their region, they were allowed to write letters, send e-mails, phone or Skype). It was really a heavily encoded message of upcoming executions, arrests made or strategic or critical places to destroy or person(s) to smuggle out. When they received the encoded message, they would put it into a decoding machine that would decode it and send the information to the portable holo projector called the Ops. With the Ops they could view detailed plans, and hack into satellites. To destroy it if needs be, the person in possession of it had to whisper ‘eureka’ and throw it as far away from him/her as possible. Anne grabbed the Ops and placed it in the centre of the table and turned it on. The computer finished decoding the message and transported the information to the Ops. Donald walked over to the table and sat down. “Okay. Two things. One: Karen on her daily run, realised the Homing Education Institution for the ‘mentally ill’ or ‘undesirables’ would be a great place to get rid of as well as, if possible, getting rid of the Law Enforcers base. Second: a woman called Megan Lettuce and her child, Jason, are going to be beheaded in two days’ time,” Donald said.

“What time is the decapitation?” Fergus wondered.

“1100 hours, December 25th.”

John pulled up some pictures and plans for Region 64’s education centre on the Ops. “And where are they going to be executed?” he asked.

“In the square by the statue of Noland.”

“John, do we have anything on the Law Enforcers base in Region 64?” Alexei asked.

John searched around on the Ops. “No.”

“Already on it, Commander,” Veronica said. She was the expert hacker and computer expert. Getting the Ops, Veronica checked their list of each satellite’s position, and found one that was soon going to go over Region 64, so began hacking into the satellite’s systems. Once she had, she manipulated it to take pictures of the places they wanted – it had a very high magnification and optical lens – and programmed it to send it back to the Ops. She had encrypted their signals several times and programmed it to bounce around on receivers so no-one would be able to pinpoint where it came from.

The pictures came up on the Ops and Alexei was starting to study the pictures when there was a knock on the Control Core’s door. “Come in,” David permitted. To everyone’s surprise, Zipporah came in.

“Zipporah?” Alexei said. Okay, what’s going on? He wondered.

“I would like to request application for membership to the Stingrays,” Zipporah announced. Alexei’s team was know as the Stingrays. “I have my mother’s permission.”

“You’re going to have to talk to Alexei,” Anne replied.

Truth be told, Alexei did not what to do. He knew she wanted to join to manipulate revenge on her father’s death. He also knew that in Zion, once a person hit fifteen, they would begin being trained in the art of stealth, rescue, how to use a grenade, bomb, etc., self-defense (which included how to handle swords, bows and arrows, knives, guns) and warfare. And Zipporah had been in Zion since a month before her sixteenth birthday – over a year ago now. From reports from the trainer, and personal experience, she was a fast learner.

Fergus stood up, pulled out a dagger and suddenly charged at Zipporah. Zipporah reacted very quickly by ducking out of Fergus’s way and then grabbing the hand that held the knife and pulling the hand backwards, while at the same time with her other hand, grabbed his other wrist and whirled him around, so his back was facing her and his arm was behind his back in a painful position. He cried out in pain and she released him.

“You’re in,” Alexei accepted.


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ZION Chapter Three

In the future where freedom is illegal, rebellion begins.

December 23rd, 2054

Eighteen years later….

Anne, now ex-Queen consort, the soldiers, Alexei and the people who had decided to escape with them traveled as far away as possible until they found a large area of land that was covered in a forest and settled there. They never found Hannah and Anastasia. They had not been amongst the people who escaped, so their fate was unknown.

The League of Nations – it was immediately revived – immediately rebuilt the palace and set one of their own on the Eden throne who joined Eden to the League of Nations. Once they took over, every nation became known as a ‘region’. Eden was called Region 7. No-one was allowed to leave their region, not even to visit any family or friends in another region. The world leader, Emperor Noland, was a fierce dictator, who was worse than Adolf Hitler. In his first week, he had executed five hundred people who had opposed the League of Nations to demonstrate what would happen to all who disobeyed. People hated it, but most feared him and buckled under his control while some managed to escape.

Now, Anne had set up – with a team effort – set up a city of refuge in the forest with her as head. They were safe there as the League of Nations, which claimed to have purged the globe of anything harmful to humanity, left that area of Africa alone as it was where they dumped unsuccessful animal-human experiments like Sasquatch, genetically modified dinosaurs, et cetera. The sanctuary was called Zion and the people were called Zionists. The League of Nations caught wind of Zion and had been searching for Zion for years to try and destroy it.




Alexei – eighteen, tall and handsome – was an excellent gunman, archer, swordsman, and boxer. The government called him ‘the Geheimnis’ (which was German for mystery). They did not know his real identity. His ability to move about unseen, unheard, and being able to blend into the population by either making himself look like anyone and everyone or employing the Gray Man Syndrome and being such a nuisance to the government caused the title ‘the Geheimnis’ to be whispered in fearful and angry whispers.

As he chopped wood for the stockpile, a girl of about seventeen with honey-coloured hair and blue eyes, was sitting down nearby, creating a wreath of flowers. Her name was Zipporah. She was a Jewess. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Zipporah finish her wreath, stand up and brush her trousers and begin to go back to the sanctuary.

Alexei desperately hoped and pleaded with YAH to keep Zipporah away from him. Even though he would love to engage in conversation with her, he had one problem. Despite being excellent in a lot of things, he was terrible at other things, such as talking with Zipporah. Whenever he was around her, he was distracted by her and tripped over his words.

He discreetly glanced her way to check if his pleading worked. Nope. She was coming towards him with the wreath and a smile. Alexei kept chopping wood. He began to perspire even though it was a cool day. “Alexei?” That beautiful voice called his name so close to him. Clearing his throat, he faced her while leaning against the axe.

“Hey, Zipporah. Are you fine? A-are you ok? I-I m…mean. Umm…” Alexei fumbled. Darn! Why did he embarrass himself whenever she was around? Mental note: Talk to David.

“I love that, Alexei,” she giggled adorably.

“Love what?” Alexei ventured. This is going to be so awkward, he inwardly winced.

“Oh, you know. You tripping over your words like that. I like it. You’ve been doing that ever since I can remember,” she smiled. Yep, that was awkward. “Anyway, I made you this flower wreath. Late birthday present. Hope you like it,” Zipporah said, holding up the wreath.

Alexei put it around his neck and looked it over. Zipporah had been careful to pick only the best flowers, he noted. “Thank you, Zipporah. But my birthday was yesterday,” Alexei thanked her, looking back at her.

“I know. And I’m so sorry. But we were so busy with celebrations and missions lately, that I forgot to make one beforehand. So I made one now,” Zipporah explained.

The missions Zipporah was referring to were the rescue or offensive missions that he and three other people went on every so often. There was a total of one hundred and seventy regions, and in each one there were two spies for Zion. One would keep an eye/ear open for anything that would prove useful for Zion like an arrest of an ‘undesirable’ or an upcoming execution of ‘undesirables’ or a suggestion of a critical place to destroy to cripple the government a little further. That particular mole would then write a letter in a special code that they had invented and the letter would be posted in the mail plane which would deliver mail to all the regions. The pilot would be a Zion agent. While flying of certain areas that they used as Drop Zones, the pilot would drop – while flying – a bag or box which contained the information in it. Other Zionists at the Drop Zion (there would be agents at all the Drop Zones 24/7 – taken in shifts) would then retrieve it and bring it to Zion where Anne, Alexei and Alexei’s stepfather, David, would look at it. They would study the information, pray about it, and if YEHOVAH said ‘yes’, then they would look at a map of the district and a plan or photo of the place that they would go to and formulate a plan of attack, or if it was a rescue, a rescue plan. Alexei led the rescues with his team. Zipporah’s father was currently posted in one of the Drop Zone #1. Sometimes, the Drop Zone would be in severe conditions for better concealment. It was a very tense and planned drop and retrieval plan. Sometimes, the weather conditions would be against the drop and the pilot could not hand the information over in time. Both Alexei and Zipporah knew that there was a danger of being caught. Zipporah sincerely hoped and prayed that her father and the two other men with him would return safe and sound.

Then, some people arrived in the sanctuary. There were three new people and Donald and Ferraday, the two men that had accompanied Zipporah’s father, Aaron. But there was no sign of Aaron himself. They would always come back together and then the next shift would go to take their place. Alexei was concerned. Of course! It was Aaron’s turn to cover their tracks from the creatures inhabiting the place. That’s probably why he was a bit behind. Making sure there was no sign they were there at Drop Zone #1.

The five people went to the Hall, the building where they did the planning for the missions. Alexei side-glanced at Zipporah, who was watching for any sign of her father.

“I’m sure he’s fine,” Alexei sounded more confident than he was.

Before she could respond, two older men starting beating drums rhythmically, a call for everyone to come and gather at the front of the Hall. Alexei pushed through the throng of people, up the front steps, onto the porch and through the front door, where Donald was placing the contents of a box onto a table while David was talking quietly with Ferraday and Anne was serving food and water to the three new people and comforting them. So they must have escaped from one of the regions,  Alexei theorised. There was two men and a woman. The young woman resembled one of the men, the one who was just staring at his broth.  Alexei noticed the woman was rubbing her left arm as if it was sore.

Anne saw Alexei and nodded in the direction of David and Ferraday. Alexei went up to them. They stopped talking when they saw him. “Alright,” Alexei said, “what do I need to know?”

David looked at Ferraday then back at his stepson. “We are very worried that one or two of our agents are compromised,” David said.

That was startling. Alexei wondered in what way the agent or agents let slip that they worked for Zion. “What do you mean? Why do you think that?” he asked.

“When Aaron, Ferraday, and Donald were at Drop Zone #1, they saw two boxes dropped,” David began. Alexei noted that there was only one here in the room. Where is the other one? “Aaron went to retrieve one of the boxes as they landed about twenty feet apart. He reached the closest one and was just bending over to pick it up when it suddenly blew up, killing him. After waiting half an hour just in case the second box would blow up, they went over to the second box and found in perfectly intact. They did a scan and there were no explosives or other devices on or in it, so they brought it back. On the way back, they came across those three,” and David nodded towards the two men and the woman.

“Also, Donald’s scanning the information to check on it’s authenticity,” Ferraday continued.

“How could they have found out about the information being sent out?” Alexei wondered.

“Not sure yet. Maybe it was discovered while the plane was being loaded and security decided to plant a bomb to hopefully destroy us, forcing the pilot to drop both. Or the Law Enforcers discovered our other agent writing the information down in invisible ink underneath whatever cover was chosen while on their check-up rounds. None of us know,” Ferraday theorised.

“Why would the agent have written it on the day of the Law Enforcer’s check-up rounds?” Alexei asked.

“Remember, Alexei, that the Law Enforcers choose the date of their rounds randomly, to catch people by surprise. They don’t do it in patterns, they just randomly pick a day,” David reminded his stepson.

“Why didn’t they just get rid of the material?”

“We don’t know. Maybe they thought it prudent to send it with a bomb, hoping it that it would kill whomever came for it,” Ferraday speculated.

Then Donald came over. “Sir? It came up as 100% authentic. It was written by our agent in Region 64.”

Region 64…64…Oh! Karen Wright! We’ll look at it afterwards. We have some people waiting outside. Anne,” David now spoke to his wife. “Get Amos to take them to the Clinic so that Jeremiah can have a look at them. Then come and join us outside.”

“Yes, David,” Anne obeyed.

David and Alexei went out onto the front porch where the crowd were murmuring amongst themselves as to why there was an announcement. The crowds all fell silent once David and Alexei came out. Alexei saw Zipporah had an arm around a worried looking woman who was her mother. Zipporah’s mother, Eileen, had suffered a lot and he suddenly wished that he could go back in time and reverse what had happened.


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ZION Chapter Two


King Edward X and his wife, Queen Anne, were discussing the meeting while watching their babies on the play mat. They had twins – a boy and a girl – who were practically identical except that the girl had green eyes and the boy had blue eyes. Edward was the result of the marriage between Queen Catherine of Eden and the Russian Tsar’s son Alexei IV at the time of her ascension to the Eden throne. Soon after he was born, Alexei and Catherine divorced and Queen Catherine married Prince George of Denmark. In honour of his late father, Edward named his son Alexei Edward George and his daughter Princess Anastasia – in honour of his paternal grandmother who was the daughter of Nicholas II.

“To be honest, I was very concerned that he would kill me there and then when I refused,” Edward said to Anne. “Oh, look! Alexei and Anastasia are trying to wrestle. How cute!”

Chuckling, Anne stroked her babies. “Looks like they take after their father,” she praised. Edward loved to box and wrestle. “And, of course, I am so glad they did not kill you.”

“I suppose once they establish the League of Nations they will cut off all shipments and trade with Eden because we are not going alone with their scheme,” Edward speculated.

“We’ve been through hard times before. We’ll get by. We always have,” Anne comforted her husband of eighteen months.

Three men went up to the palace gates. Two guards stood there guarding the gates. One of the visitors shuddered at the sight of the guns and cutlasses the guards were wearing. They walked boldly up to the gates, but, like they suspected, they were blocked by the guards. “Passes,” one of the guards barked.

The three of them handed over their palace passes. The second guard shone a torch on the passes, then on each of the three men’s faces and then on the passes again and saw that they were signed by General Truman and the chief of police. “Arthur Yeatman, Professor Logan Ludwig and Dr Parkes, what is the purpose of your visit?” the guard questioned.

The tallest one, Dr Parkes, spoke up. “We are here to discuss with his Majesty plans for a new military invention that will give King Edward X a great advantage in a war.”

“Let them pass.”

The guards stood to attention and the three men turned around. A man in his sixties with grey hair and dressed in a general’s uniform. General Truman. The guards saluted and opened the gates. General Truman nodded at the three and the three men strode through the gates and over to the palace. This should be good, General Truman thought to himself. Once they entered the palace, they stopped a maid and asked her to inform the king that three business men would like an audience with him as it was of the highest importance.

“Your Majesty,”the maid did obeisance as she spoke. “Forgive my interruption, but it is important.”

“Yes, Hannah?” Edward answered.

“Three business men, by the names of Professor Ludwig, Dr Parkes, and a Mr Yeatman, wish an audience with you,” Hannah said. “They said that they beg your forgiveness for coming at this late hour, but that is was of the highest importance and could not wait.”

“Very well. I’ll go see them. Thank you, Hannah.” And Edward departed.

“Hannah, come and take Anastasia while I take Alexei and we’ll go put them to bed,” Anne said.

So Hannah and Anne took their babies to go to their bed.

Edward seated himself on his throne and Yeatman, Ludwig and Parkes bowed in obeisance. “Your humble Majesty,” Ludwig said.

“Now, what important business brings you to my palace at such an ungodly hour?” Edward began.

The three men all looked at each other and suddenly their faces flickered like static on a television and revealed the faces of Haman, Dov, and Mark. A holographic disguise, Edward realised. Haman pulled out a knife and lunged at the king. One of the guards by the throne pulled out a gun with a silencer on it and shot Haman in the chest with rapid fire, dropping him. A couple of the other guards tackled Dov and Mark, trying to overpower them. But Dov and Mark knocked them off and shot them in the heart and then took their weapons. They could hear the sound of other guards rushing to the throne room and shot the guard who shot Haman, killing the guard. But before they could do anything about Edward, Haman, who was not quite dead yet, raised his arm and threw his knife at Edward. But the effort killed him, too.


Anne and Hannah had just put the babies down and Hannah had just been dismissed, when there was a loud BOOM!!! and the whole palace shook. Hannah and Anne both instinctively crouched until the shaking stopped. Anne regained her footing, opened the bedroom door which they had closed and grabbed a soldier who was running past. She noticed other guards running about. “What’s going on?” she demanded.

“Your Highness, there’s been an explosion! I’m sorry, but we need to go,” the soldier answered and yanked himself free and waited for the women to leave with him. Anne turned to take hold of the twins, and discovered that Hannah was already holding them, who were awake and crying. Hannah handed Alexei to Anne while she held Anastasia. The soldier led them through a throng of escaping soldiers and palace servants. There was another explosion and everyone fell down. The soldier broke Anne and Alexei’s fall and Hannah’s was broken by another soldier nearby. Alexei was really crying by now.

Anne tried to comfort him. “It’s okay, Alexei. Shh, shh,” Anne comforted. “Where was that explosion from?” she asked the soldier. Because if she knew the palace layout like the back of her hand, which she did, there was only one place where the explosion came from, and she did not want to believe it.

“The Throne Room,” the soldier answered, not meeting the Queen consort’s eyes.

No. No!

There was another explosion and it took a few seconds for the dust to clear. When it did, Anne realised the guard was moving her along. But what about her husband? Shouldn’t the guards being seeing to him as well? Edward had gone to the throne room and was probably still in there when the bombs went off. Anne halted the soldier and pressed him on the whereabouts of her husband. He told her in as few words as possible so they could continue their exit sooner, that he had heard commotion in the Throne Room after King Edward had gone in to talk to the late visitors and was on the way to the Throne Room when the first explosion happened and was ordered to go and protect the Queen consort and the Prince and Princess. Once she heard that, she knew she had to go back and save him as none of the soldiers or palace servants knew where he was.  She had promised him when they were married that she would always be there for him. Anne could not go back on that promise. The guard had begun leading them to the gates, so Anne broke herself free from his grasp and, shoving Alexei into the surprised guard’s arms, she ran back up the stairs to save Edward.

Once inside, she made her way to the Throne Room. She climbed to the top of some rubble and slipped and tumbled down. As soon as she landed, she opened her eyes and found herself face to face with a bomb. A ticking bomb. With ten minutes and forty-three seconds left. Anne realised that Edward was in all likely hood, dead. No way he could survive any of the explosions and falling debris. Anne just lay there. Alright. It seemed perfectly normal, even right, in her upset and confused mind, to lie there and wait for the bomb to go off. Why not? Then Anne thought of her children – Alexei and Anastasia. They were fatherless now and needed her more than ever. Anne stood up and climbed over the rubble to escape. The soldier, still holding Alexei suddenly appeared and grabbed her, handing her Alexei and rushing her to the gates. “Come on, Your Highness. We’ve gotta’ move fast,” he urged and they ran through the palace, down the front steps and through the gate. Seven minutes. People who lived around and near to the palace were swarming the streets, running to the city gates. The soldiers must have warned them, Anne assumed. Five minutes.

They reached the outskirts of town and the soldiers were herding the people out. One and a half minutes. Anne passed through the gates and continued running with the other people. Fifty-five seconds. They ran faster and faster. Forty-seven seconds. They reached the forest five kilometres away from the city and paused for a breather. Thirty seconds. Twenty-nine seconds. Twenty-eight. Anne sat down and began to feed Alexei who was bawling his head off and needed a drink. The soldier with them assured them they were far enough away not to be affected by the last explosion. Nineteen seconds. Eighteen. Seventeen. Sixteen. Fifteen. Fourteen.

“Where’s Hannah?”

“I don’t know. She disappeared immediately after you ran back into the palace,” the soldier replied. Nine seconds.

“Hannah! Hannah! Anastasia!” Anne called out. Six seconds. Five.

No response.

Four. Three. Two. One. Zero.

BOOM!!!! The final bomb exploded, destroying the palace.


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ZION Chapter One

G’day to whoever reads this! I was originally going to publish this with a traditional publisher, but decided it is much simpler and cheaper to put up a blog and post my stories on it instead.  ZION is set in the future with a totalitarian government in and a resistance against it. I hope you enjoy this story and please leave a review in the comments below! Now for the first chapter.


13th May, 2036



There was to be a meeting of all countries in the world to try to form a co-alliance of governments or a League of Nations. The leader, or a representative, came to the meeting. The meeting was being held at Perkatan, the most prosperous nation on planet Earth. Perkatan’s leader was called King Ignatius and the meeting was in his palace.

After everyone all sat down, King Ignatius cleared his throat and began to speak. “First off, I would like to thank you all for coming to this very important conference. Now, as I’m sure you are aware, we are here to try to create a co-alliance between us of our governments,” the king began his speech.

Prince Richelieu raised his hand. “What is this League of Nations about and why do we need it?”

“This League of Nations is designed to bring peace and prosperity to the people. We co-align our governments to form one government. A One World Parliament, which will be led by a member of the Collins lineage – Emperor Noland. We will combine our armed forces, banks, police forces, et cetera; which will help stop future wars; check diseases in time; keep peace; to make everything ‘fair’ to everyone. Officially, that is our reasons,” King Ignatius answered cunningly.

“What are the real reasons?” Carshina, representative for Xerxes, ruler of Tarlya, enquired. As the king of Perkatan explained, everyone grinned in evil delight. The League of Nations really was to intrude on people’s privacy so they could know everything everyone was doing, force people to vaccinate on pain of death or the children being tortured; home-schooling prohibited with the same punishments, no-one could grow their own food – they had to rely entirely on the government to be fed; people had to have a tracking device on them wherever they went and no-one could leave the city unless you were in the delivery service. Everyone approved, except for King Edward X of the Eden Province.

“Your Majesty, I object to this! People have a right to teach their own children. The Bible says the parents are responsible for their children. Those vaccinations the pharmacies give are messing up the children’s and other peoples lives! I will not join your ‘League of Nations’! I want my subjects to have the best and healthy chance in life,” Edward objected.

“Do not bring the Bible into this conversation! It has nothing to do with politics!” thundered Richelieu, rising from his chair in a rage.

Edward’s blood instantly boiled. “How can you-”


Everyone shuffled uncomfortably in their chairs. Ignatius had never raised his voice that loud before. Richelieu ducked his head and mumbled an apology and sat down, glaring at Edward. Ignatius cocked an eyebrow at the Eden ruler. “Well?” Meaning Apologise and SIT DOWN!

Edward just glared at Richelieu and Ignatius for a few more seconds to make a point and then sat down – without an apology. Ignatius cleared his throat and threw a patient smile at King Edward. “Now just a moment, Edward. There is another point I have not mentioned yet,” Ignatius said in a conciliatory tone. “Please listen.”

King Edward sighed and agreed. “What is it?”

“Good, good. Okay. Now, your province has oil in superfluous amounts. Now oil is very scarce in many of the other provinces. You can help us out. With this League of Nations, we propose-”

“Line your own pockets. Sorry. I refuse to co-operate,” and Edward picked up his belongings and left the building for the airport. A stewardess went around the table, handing out contracts for everyone to sign as well as a pen for everyone. After the contracts had all been signed, collected and taken away to their filing cabinet in Ignatius’s office, and the people had all departed, Ignatius asked the same stewardess to summon his three best hit men – Haman, Dov, and Mark. While waiting for them, he pulled out a slip of paper and quickly browsed through it. Stuck to our agreement, he thought happily. He turned at the sound of footsteps approaching. The three did obeisance.

“Haman, Dov, and Mark, I have an assignment for you three,” Ignatius said.

“Dispose of someone?” Haman questioned, the most bloodthirsty one.

“Exactly, Haman.”

“And who is the victim this time?” Mark inquired.

“King Edward X of the Eden Province.”

The men balked. “But we’ll be arrested! Executed for the murder/attempted murder of a king!” Dov pointed out.

Ignatius read the slip of paper out loud:

” ‘I, General Truman of the Eden Province, hereby authorise the bearer of this parchment to be allowed to do whatever that person or persons so desire.


General Truman, 12/05/2036.’ ”

Ignatius paused to let that sink in. “He sent me an e-mail and this is the print-off. I have the chief of police of Eden and the general of the Eden military on our side and that parchment that you hold will allow you to act freely without fear of arrest by the police or military. And I’ve obtained for you three three palace passes, stamped with Truman’s sealed, and signed. That will get you inside the palace.”

“But, what’s our cover story?” Mark wondered.

“That is for you to work out. Now, here is what you should do once you three are inside…”


All novels and short stories on this blog are the works of @rue202 and Racheal’s Novels Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without the express and written permission of the author is strictly not allowed. You may use excerpts and links or reblogs of this material provided that complete and clear credit is given to rue202 and Racheal’s Novels with clear directions to the original content.