Another One Published

I have published the second book in The Zion Trilogy – Zion: The Rebellion, which is a sequel to a previously published book of mine – Zion. I had to do some editing, adding in some scenes to make it more comprehensive or changing things slightly to make more sense, but other than that, it’sContinue reading “Another One Published”

ZION as paperback/Mein Buch ist in Taschenbuch/estoy publicado/sono pubblicato/私は公開されています

My e-book ZION has now been converted to paperback form and the paperback form is now available on Amazon and Kindle to be bought. For those who are unaware of my dystopian science-fiction action-adventure Zion trilogy, here is the plot summary of the first book ZION as shown on Amazon: Edward is given an offer.Continue reading “ZION as paperback/Mein Buch ist in Taschenbuch/estoy publicado/sono pubblicato/私は公開されています”


I knew I should’ve told you guys to sit down. Yes, I’ve finally gotten published!!!! What book did I get published? ZION, the first book in my Zion trilogy. Other books in the trilogy are Zion: The Rebellion and Zion: War of Thrones (The Rebellion and War of Thrones I will publish later). WARNING!!! ToContinue reading “I’M PUBLISHED!!!”

ZION Chapter Fourteen

REGION 64 Law Enforcers stood on parts of the streets, at corners, on the roofs of buildings and in and on their lead-lined army tanks and Salamanders. They all carried guns and other weapons and on the turret of one tank – which was on patrol – someone was ready with a machine gun –Continue reading “ZION Chapter Fourteen”

ZION Chapter Twelve

ZION They rushed Zipporah into the Clinic. Jeremiah, Anne and Eileen, who were nurses as well, scanned her. “Oh no,” Jeremiah said when he saw the results of the scan. “What? What, Jeremiah?” Eileen asked. She was very worried about her daughter. “Her kidneys are failing. One of her arms are broken. I’m going toContinue reading “ZION Chapter Twelve”

ZION Chapter Eleven

JULIA O’HIELDER’S PLACE, THE PEAK   O’Hielder opened the door. Ivanka had never actually met her before, so was slightly taken aback by how stern she looked. Grey hair, piercing blue eyes and stern mouth. Ivanka gulped and said: “O’Hielder?” “Who else could I be? Think!” O’Hielder snapped. She’s quite an austere character, observed Ivanka.Continue reading “ZION Chapter Eleven”