Scarlet moon Prophesying doom Barren landscape As fears hold of you they take   The voices The screaming The shadows of the dead They are my demons   Ones I have killed   They haunt me every day They torment me all the time Their voices, their last breath as I took their life… CreatingContinue reading “Demons”

The Liebster Award

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by Shaheshal. Thank you Shaheshal! Go over and check out her blog – she’s an eccentric, funny, bubbly person that you’ll just love! THE RULES: Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you Share 11 facts about yourself Answer the 11 questions the blogger(s) gave you Nominate 11 bloggersContinue reading “The Liebster Award”

Hustler Blogger Award

So, I saw this new blogger award out, and the blogger said that whoever read the post was nominated (as it’s a new award), so I decided to give it a go to support the blogger (partially due to the blogger being friends with my brother, who’s a blogger as well). So, anyway, thank youContinue reading “Hustler Blogger Award”

Vincent Ehindero Award

Welcome to all my new followers! Thank you theworksofadreamer for nominating me for the Vincent Ehindero Award!!! Rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. Post the award logo. Post the rules. Nominate up to 20-30 other bloggers and notify them. Notify Vincent of your nomination, via commentContinue reading “Vincent Ehindero Award”

The Liebster Award

So…I was going to do this other award I saw that someone had just created and, while I wasn’t nominated, the person stated that anyone who read it could do it, and I wanted to support this blogger with his new award, buuuttt….I then saw that I was nominated for a different award – theContinue reading “The Liebster Award”

Blog Index

Hey, everybody!!! I just want to give a big, warm welcome to all my new followers!! I really appreciate and love you all for choosing to follow my blog!😊 You all are automatically awesome for following me!! If you want to know more about my blog, I have finally figured out how to create anContinue reading “Blog Index”

A Glorious Mess

Dear Diary, I’ve been thinking about my two families – my biological one (to whom I am very close to) and my weird*** one that are made up of friends whom I’ve come to view as a second family. My second family is really weird and a big mess – one’s like a responsible, straightContinue reading “A Glorious Mess”