2018 Stats

G'day everybody! I thought I would share my stats for 2018 for "Racheal's Novels". Views: 4,390 Visitors: 1,393 Likes: 1,631 Comments: 1,091 (including my own) Here is a list of all my posts I did in 2018 listed from most viewed to least viewed with the number of views next to the post. If you … Continue reading 2018 Stats


My First Podcast!!!

Jmshistorycorner and I were guests on bottomlesscoffee007's podcast. We had a good time. The start was rather awkward, but we ended up having fun and had a good conversation. J-M and I discussed stuff with our blogs, our parents, discussed the talk about Australia being "dangerous" (it was nice to have a great counter to … Continue reading My First Podcast!!!