Another Comic Strip of Mine

I will be doing another chapter of Winter Kill at some point...I'm just having a mental blank about what to do. Anyway, I had to create two more comic strips for schoolwork (who know schoolwork could be so much fun?) and thought that I would share them with you guys. Enjoy! Second comic: BTW, I'll … Continue reading Another Comic Strip of Mine

Blog Milestone 2

I have just seen that I have gotten over 5,000 views! (5,015 to be exact so far). Wow! Thanks, guys! Next goal: 10,000! And I also want to give a big thank you and a huge welcome to all my new followers! Here's a list to all my posts divided into different sections to read … Continue reading Blog Milestone 2

Where Did the post go?

Some of you may have noticed that the post I had done has disappeared. Well, that's because it was a glitch - I hadn't meant to post it just yet, but in a few hours. Please forgive my clumsiness and it will be up in about three hours. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Friendly Reminder

Just a friendly reminder that my latest book My Cracks and Crevices: A Collection of Poetry is available for pre-order on Amazon. Click here to see where it is available. I totally understand if you don't/can't. I'm not trying to push or guilt trip you guys or anything like that. Have a great day/night!

Here’s a Song parody that I wrote


I’m a FanFiction writer, so I’ve been writing Star Wars parodies of Disney songs on FanFiction lately and the latest one that I did everyone loved and thought was hilarious, so I thought I would share it on here.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the lyrics, Star Wars, or anything that belongs to Disney. George Lucas and Disney own their respective creations, and I’m not trying to make money – just writing harmless FanFiction.

The Star Wars song parody that I wrote is I’ve Got A Dream from Disney’s Tangled (2010). Enjoy!


I’m malicious, mean and scary
My Force Choke could strangle dairy
And violence-wise my hands are not the cleanest
But despite my evil look and my temper and my cloak
I’ve always yearned to be a concert pianist

Can’t you see me on the stage performing Mozart
Tickling the ivories till they gleam
Yep, I’d rather…

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Poetry Collection Available as Paperback

My latest book My Cracks and Crevices: A Collection of Poetry is available on Amazon as paperback. The e-book is available on pre-order here. PAPERBACK COVER AND BACK COVER Where they are available: UNITED STATES: UNITED KINGDOM: GERMANY: FRANCE: SPAIN: ITALY: JAPAN: CANADA: Enjoy!