Reader Request 18th November

Hey everyone! Today is the Reader Request!!!! Thank you for the questions I got and I hope you enjoy reading my answers. CARAMEL’S QUESTIONS: What gave you the idea for the Zion trilogy? For those who haven’t heard of my Zion trilogy, it’s a dystopian/sci-fi trilogy I wrote, which you can find on Amazon here:Continue reading “Reader Request 18th November”

Liebster Award

Hey everybody! Welcome to all my new followers! I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by the fabulous blogger Jasmine! Thanks Jasmine! Check her out, she’s an awesome blogger! THE RULES: Thank the blogger who nominated you. Share 11 facts about yourself. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you. Nominate the 11 bloggersContinue reading “Liebster Award”

Reader Request August 31st and A Couple Awards

Hey everyone! A few days back I did a post announcing that I was doing a Reader Request. Well, today is the day that I answer the questions you all gave me. How many siblings do you have?? Thirteen! 7 full siblings, 5 half-siblings and a friend whom is like a sister. Which sibling areContinue reading “Reader Request August 31st and A Couple Awards”

The Change

Lucy looked up from her laptop screen as she heard a knock on her bedroom door. “Come in,” she said. The door then opened and her mother poked her head in. “G’night, Luce,” her mother said with a smile, causing Lucy to smile back. “How’s your studies going? Nearly ready for that exam on Monday?”Continue reading “The Change”