Hey, so this is a reblog of some questions I’ve been having about what to post on my secondary blog lmao figured I might get more feedback on the questions about what to post in my secondary blog if I share it on my main blog as well.


What would you like to see on this blog? I don’t remember why I started this blog, to be honest lmao and I haven’t been sure for ages on what I should post on here.

Is there anything in particular that you guys would like to see on here? Discussions/thoughts on particular topics? Movie reviews? Random commentary on my life? Art I do? Discussions on my stories, like thoughts about characters or potential story ideas that I may not want to reveal on my main blog yet? Or all of the above?

Let me know!

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3 responses to “Question”

  1. It would be good to see on this blog, what you are really passionate about. Is it life? Your artwork? If you feel strongly about it, the blog will be interesting. You could also include random things about your life.

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I’m an Australian author and artist, self-published as a teenager. Fast food worker and a uni student. Love karaoke, clubbing, cosplay, makeup listening to ASMR, and photography. Genderfluid, mainly they/them pronouns, and bisexual. Also run a podcast called “The Little Book Corner by Ash Digest – Author” that’s available on Spotify and Anchor/Spotify for Podcasts


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