February 2023

  • Question

    Originally posted on miscellaneousoddity: What would you like to see on this blog? I don’t remember why I started this blog, to be honest lmao and I haven’t been sure for ages on what I should post on here. Is there anything in particular that you guys would like to see on here? Discussions/thoughts on… Continue reading

  • Serpents or saviours

    Tread softly Keep the lights down low Don’t make a sound Shhhh It’s gonna be quick No need to fear You’ve entered her lair But she’s kind A bullet through the brain Organs sliced and diced, stirred in a pot until it’s the perfect texture Dashed into the lavish meals thrown together with cake, ice-cream… Continue reading

  • My art

    Hey! So I have covid and to keep myself occupied during isolation, I have been working on some art pieces in between writing, reading, watching movies and sleep and they’re turning out alright, actually. this one I think I have sold surprisingly, coming out of iso on Thursday, so me and the buyer are gonna… Continue reading

  • One Sentence Challenge

    I just saw a challenge on tiktok to tell your life story in just one sentence, so here’s my attempt: The creature that was born with creative gifts is now recovering from burn out, blood and ashes – River/Ash Digest How’d I do? COPYRIGHT All novels and short stories on this blog are the works… Continue reading

  • I have a surprise!

    Hey y’all! Hope you guys are doing well! So, I decided to actually attempt erotica today, it’s just a short piece, not much to it, but it’s my first real attempt at it (cause as a writer, I would like to master as many genres as I can because it would be awesome to be… Continue reading

About Me

I’m an Australian author and artist, self-published as a teenager. Fast food worker and a uni student. Love karaoke, clubbing, cosplay, makeup listening to ASMR, and photography. Genderfluid, mainly they/them pronouns, and bisexual. Also run a podcast called “The Little Book Corner by Ash Digest – Author” that’s available on Spotify and Anchor/Spotify for Podcasts