Abstract Wars

He drew in a broken breath as he clutched his sides, blood leaking between his fingers. His claws pierced through the fabric as he clutched at his shirt. His wings were covered in blood, guts and indescribable filth; a jagged claw marks were sliced across his wings, having penetrated to the other side. No doubt there would be an infection later, but right now, he didn’t care.

Bodies lay everywhere, maggots and other hellish creatures were already crawling out from their holes and starting to devour them. Flames burnt in several places throughout the remains of the battlefield, smoke filling the air and drenching his lungs. Which wouldn’t be so bad, cause he was used to that in what the mortals called “Hell”, “Sheol”, Underworld, etc. But due to the time he had spent in the mortal realm escaping from his own realm, he found himself…weakened…in his own element, his own world. His powers and abilities were…not as strong as they once were.

Hence the state he was in now.

He needed to get moving. He needed to find Gabriel. Make sure they were okay, that they were alive. And if he didn’t move, the underworld’s creatures would come for him, attracted to the scent of his wounds and the smell of potential death, and try to devour him. And in his compromised state, he probably would have a low chance of surviving.

But he couldn’t get that far before he collapsed to the ground, falling to his side, causing his claws to impale his side. A scream ripped through him as blood gushed from the now deepened wound. Mid scream, some blood squirted from his mouth before he started to cough violently, blood gurgling out over the sides of his lips.


That voice…it was screaming his name…wait!!! Fucking shitballs, he’s alive?!?

Gabriel?! I’m over here!!!

Please, please…

“Hold on!!” Gabriel called out and Jor’az, if he wasn’t so fucked up right now, would’ve noticed how Gabriel’s voice sounded like it was about to break at the sound of his voice. The kind of breaking someone goes through at getting confirmation that someone they deeply cared about…perhaps even more…was alive, and they had been torn about, unsure if they were dead or alive.

Jor’az himself was on the verge of tears, feeling a strange sensation at knowing that Gabriel was alive and was coming for his aide. During the entirety of the time they had known each other, they had hated each other, both on opposite sides, actively trying to capture, torture and/or kill the other, but now as Gabriel landed beside him and used his wings to prop Jor’az up while using his hands to touch the side of Jor’az’s face, Jor’az felt nothing but relief to see his nemesis alive. There was something else stirring in there, but Jor’az was just so fucking glad to be saved.

“Thank God you’re here…” Jor’az croaked out, his vision blurring as tears swelled up in his eyes.

Gabriel’s face tightened and a seering rage burned through his eyes as he also tried to fight the tears that were attempting to bash their way out. “He and the others are going to pay for putting us here…and doing this to you…”

Perhaps Jor’az would be up to questioning this later. Questioning why Gabriel’s eyes seemed full of relief, concern and…something else…something warmer towards his enemy than Jor’az had ever seen before when they had locked sights with each other. But right now, he just wanted to run. Get out. Hide. Sort out his wounds. Cause the heavenly beings were going to be coming. Along with the underground. And it was gonna be a fucking mess to witness, let alone be stuck in the middle of it.

Hey everyone! Not the best idea, but it’s a rough draft of a possible book idea I have, wanted to write out something based off of the enemies to lovers trope, obviously needs more fine tuning, but hmm…this will be fun to work with 🙂

Hope you guys are doing amazing! What are you all up to? Let me know your thoughts about this idea in the comments if you like.

Oh! And I also go by River now, instead of Racheal. So I will be figuring out a new title for my blog as well, I’m open to suggestions (cause River’s Novels don’t seem right, kinda want to see if there’s something different I can call it, involving the word ‘river’) ❤

Have a great day/night!


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