Back in Australia

My America holiday is over, it was amazing! Wish it didn’t have to finish, but life is life and I gotta get back to work and I’ve also been accepted into my undergrad art and creative writing course for 2023, so yay!! and gotta get ready for that, too.

I’m currently staying in Adelaide for new years to see the adelaide fireworks and then I’ll be doing the final stretch back home to my country town and arriving back there tomorrow night during New Years, so that’s awesome. Once I’m actually back home, I’ll post the pics from my trip along with talking about it and what my boyfriend is like now that I’ve met him in person (whoo!!!)

But just wanted to let you all know that I’m back in Australia, my dear friends, enemies and those still be determined (this is a joke, I promise, no-one on here is my enemy or even close to be considered that *HUGS*)

See you in my next post, Cryptid out.


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