Stages of a Journey

So today’s one word prompt is “Imagine”, made myself tear up a little while writing this one, so hopefully that means it’s good *shrugs* hope you enjoy and have a great day/night! 🙂



Stop a sec.

You seem troubled, I have something that will help, if you like?

Okay, great! Firstly, lift your chin up. Relax your shoulders…good, good

Now, take a deep breathe in and close your eyes…

That’s it…breathe in…hold…

Now let it out slowly…yes, your eyes still need to be closed…now I want you to imagine…something…you’re somewhere…it could be anywhere, it could be quiet…loud…busy…it could have animals…nature…or someone particularly special…it doesn’t matter where or what’s in it for now, it just has to be somewhere that might inspire…peace…safety…relaxation, so to speak…

I’ll give you a moment to get find that image and fix it in your mind…

You ready? Okay, keeping that image in your mind, let it soak into you…all around you…think about what you hear…feel…is anyone there with you? An animal? A bird perhaps? Maybe yourself?

Where are you? focus on your surroundings…let it embrace you…

Relax, there’s no trick, promise. Stop thinking, just breathe.

Breathe in, breathe out, let it embrace you…now…you’re going to be okay.

You’re safe.

Look at how far you’ve made it, how much you’ve accomplished. You’ve fought so, so, so much just to be here right now, in this moment. And it hurt. Fuck, it hurt. You’re probably feeling some of that pain resurface. that’s good.

Take a moment, feel it, acknowledge it, let it out.

Breathe in, breathe out.

That past verison of you, the someone who was there with you when you closed your eyes, they went through hell to bring you here. Yes, it was hell, and yes, it’s okay to acknowledge that. You should be so proud of how far they’ve fought and made it just to bring you here so you can flourish into yourself.

Be proud, be so, so proud…but you now need to let them, that past you, go. You can’t go back, ever go back, you can’t undo what’s been done. And that’s gonna hurt, but it’s a pain that will bring you closure and healing, it’s a necessary hurting. You’re probably going to cry and I’ll be here to be a shoulder for you, to be a space for you to feel whatever you need to feel…but that past you? They can’t come any further, they’ve gone as far as they could, but now you’ve grown from them into this you and now it’s time for you to keep going without them. You made it, you fucking made it, and it’s all thanks to them, the past you.

But now it’s time to part ways…and when you’re ready, we’ll go through this door up ahead into the next chapter, but they can’t come through it with you.

Take as much time as you need to say goodbye, I’ll be here and it’ll be okay.


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