Consumed at last

So I was looking at some word prompts cause again inspiration was hitting and today’s short piece is in response to the one word writing prompt “FREE”. I can’t remember where I found the list of one word writing prompts from, I just know I have it downloaded on my phone for when inspiration hits/when I have a free moment, so here’s today’s short piece, hope you enjoy! 🙂

TRIGGER WARNING: death, depression and suicide themes





It all burned together as it plunged its fingers into my veins, digging and twisting deeper and deeper inside. Its tentacles laced themselves around me, slicing through my skin as it tightened its grip.

My lungs begged for air, but I couldn’t breathe. Something sticky seemed to be seeping into my lungs, like something heavy was pressing into my chest


I need air


Everything began spinning. Circles of darkness began spotting my vision as one of the tentacles pierced through my stomach and ripped straight through, pinning me to the wall behind me.

Maybe I should stop struggling…

I’ve struggled with this darkness, this cloud that follows me everywhere since I was little. Others could see vibrate colours, but I could not, not to the same degree, mine were tainted by the darker shades. I couldn’t feel the same way as others. There were others like me, but we were seen as troubled and we probably were. To fit in, to stop this thing consuming me, I tried to fight as my vision got darker and the colours faded even more. But there’s this entity called Vita (*) that tries to attack everyone. Some are not troubled, me, who was already weakened? It’s what has squeezed the last of the colours from my vision, it is what has me now pinned against the wall and is eating me alive. Tearing me apart, savouring every bite as it’s teeth and acid tear through my flesh while I remain paralyzed in place, no longer able to surpress the darkness…

…and no longer caring.

Go ahead. Take me. Destroy me. Let me go, let me sink into the crevice in my mind that has been trying to consume me for so, so, so long.

It can have me. Free me

I’m done.


(*) Vita is latin for life


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