November 2022

  • Photo time

    Not up to writing any short stories today, so here is some photos of me over the past few months instead cause why not? It’s not all the photos cause there’s so many, but it’s a few 🖤❤️💖💙 Continue reading

  • Stages of a Journey

    So today’s one word prompt is “Imagine”, made myself tear up a little while writing this one, so hopefully that means it’s good *shrugs* hope you enjoy and have a great day/night! 🙂 ____________________________ Hey Stop a sec. You seem troubled, I have something that will help, if you like? Okay, great! Firstly, lift your… Continue reading

  • Always

    so today’s short piece is using the one word prompt “always”. Hope you enjoy 🙂 ______________________ Grandma always had food. There was no shame, no judgement. If you were hungry, eat Wanted seconds? Help yourself! Your hungry cause your body needs food, and you need to take care of your body and it’s needs…at least,… Continue reading

  • Consumed at last

    So I was looking at some word prompts cause again inspiration was hitting and today’s short piece is in response to the one word writing prompt “FREE”. I can’t remember where I found the list of one word writing prompts from, I just know I have it downloaded on my phone for when inspiration hits/when… Continue reading

  • The Aftermath

    So this is a continuation of the idea from the previous post about the “villain” saving the “hero’s” love interest and how the hero isn’t really the hero and the villain isn’t really the villain and all that stuff and I decided to do an immediate aftermath after the love interest is saved by the… Continue reading

  • Smokes and mirrors, veils and lies

    Well. That wasn’t meant to go quite like that… It was meant to be him He was the good guy. He always followed the rules, prayed every morning. He tried to always do what he believed God wanted. He always talked about a future with me. Marriage Children Where we would live Different hobbies we… Continue reading

  • Realizations

    TRIGGER WARNING: Discussing abuse, sexual assault, toxic family members. It’s also a personal vent cause the memories have been affecting me a lot, more than I wanna admit, and I’m trying to work through it, and I needed to get it off my chest, so here goes. Groomer From the memories that are starting to… Continue reading

About Me

I’m an Australian author and artist, self-published as a teenager. Fast food worker and a uni student. Love karaoke, clubbing, cosplay, makeup listening to ASMR, and photography. Genderfluid, mainly they/them pronouns, and bisexual. Also run a podcast called “The Little Book Corner by Ash Digest – Author” that’s available on Spotify and Anchor/Spotify for Podcasts