Abortion is necessary

I know this blog is for stories and poetry and shit, but I want to share this on here as well because it is important. Please read through the whole thing before commenting.


I know.

I’m changing a lot of my beliefs and some people will probably be rather concerned (some may be angry, such as some people that I know personally) by this, but please hear me out, okay?

I get that, as an ex-anti abortionist, the main reason it is argued against is because of the belief that the unborn baby/feotus/whatever label it is given, is a live or become a life and therefore has rights. I’ve seen the images of the unborn baby at different stages after abortion. I’ve watched the videos. I feel really saddened by it, I really do. I do have my thoughts on whether it is alive pre-birth or not.


I am not here to argue for or against that.

Cause that is beside the point, and irrelevant.

Yes, you read that right.

It is not about that at all.

No-one supports abortion simply because…

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