Racheal’s Podcast Episode 8

Hey everyone!

Welcome to another episode of my podcast! This is the first episode of season 2! Season 2 is all about my poetry!!! Whoo-hoo!!!

Thank you for listening, welcome to the start of season 2 of my podcast, where this season we’ll be looking at all things poetry (done by moi, of course XD) This first episode is looking at the first poem I ever published on my blog, titled Do You Even Care? It’s about mental health and depression and suicidal feelings, so proceed with caution. It was written to try and express things that I didn’t know how to express cause I didn’t understand things going on with me personally during that time in my life. Also, please reach out if you’re going through this, I’m here to listen, but I also know that that’s a difficult thing, so if you’re reading this and anything I say in the poem resonates with you: I’m so sorry. I love you, I hear and see you and know that I care about you and I’m proud that you’ve made it this far and I hope you make it further, you got this 3>

(If I sound weird or anything while reading this out, it was difficult to read this one out loud cause it’s very personal and I was starting to feel a lot of emotions come up and I instinctively was battling to suppress them, sorry about that)


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