Affirming is the ONLY Solution

Very well said. I am bi and it’s something I struggled with as a very young child, cause I noticed it growing up, but due to my strict religious upbringing and fear of even more abuse from my father than I already got (he outright told me I was disgusting and had disappointed God when I told him about someone’s attempt to sexually assault me when I was six and didn’t understand anything remotely sex related) and disappointment from my mother and so severely abused and gaslight myself until I had myself convinced I was “straight” again and it wasn’t until after the fire and we were separated from him that it started coming up again and I struggled with liking girls along with guys and hated myself for a while due to my religious beliefs. It wasn’t until after Dad died that I felt safe to try and look into LGTQIA stuff more and even then it took me about a month or just over after before I could finally accept and be comfortable enough in my sexuality and now being able to live my life comfortably and with the peace I deserve as a bisexual Christian (though I may possibly just start identifying as spiritual and leave Christianity and organised religion entirely, who knows?)
Love the sinner, hate the sin is bullshit because your sexuality is a part of you, so if you’re going to label that as a “sin” and hate that, you’re really also just hating the person as well. Yes, when someone does something wrong, if you love them, you correct them – but that only applies IF the other person did something wrong, and being attracted to different genders isn’t wrong, so the argument of “I love you, so I’m going to correct you” doesn’t apply here. And thinking that loving someone is telling them that they’re hellbound and sinners for whom they love is fucking disgusting!!! Jesus wouldn’t do that. Being a christian DOES NOT exempt someone from MINDING THEIR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS about other people. Just shut up, support them and leave them alone about it, if they want your opinion, they’ll ask.

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Yes, I’m talking about LGBTQ+.

The disgusting Don’t Say Gay law in Florida literally requires teachers to out LGBT students to their parents. Even though the lawmakers KNOW that child abuse, suicide and suicide attempts, and even MURDER will skyrocket as a direct result. Don’t fucking tell me the bill’s “harmless” or “protects kids”. If you support that, you need to do some serious fucking soul searching because YOU ARE ON THE SIDE OF EVIL!

And DON’T YOU DARE tell me that the people who fear for their very LIVES – BECAUSE OF YOU, I might add, if you’re homophobic and/or transphobic – are “snowflakes” or “overreacting” or “can’t stand free speech”. If that’s your reaction, you’re part of the problem and need to REPENT!!!

“By their fruits you will know them,” Yeshua/Jesus said in Matthew 7:16, and the fruit of homophobia, transphobia and general non-affirmation of LGBT and the…

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2 thoughts on “Affirming is the ONLY Solution

  1. Thank you for sharing your story! I have a very similar experience regarding being too afraid to be myself due to my family’s religion. I have finally discovered who I am (100% queer) and I finally make sense to myself which is so freeing! I am so glad you finally feel able to do the same! 🖤🏳‍🌈

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