The Havsågud Cell – Part 11

Hey everyone, here is the next chapter of The Havsagud Cell and I hope you’re enjoying this story so far! Just in case you haven’t read the last chapter, I have been issued a challenge by one of my Uni lecturers to set a goal for part of one of my classes and my goal is to post a chapter for this story once a week, preferably at the end of the week, but whenever during the week that it’s finished will be when I post it, so it will be interesting to see how much I can keep up with this goal XD It’ll be good to help me with my writing and heal from the mental and emotional scars from some trauma that left me unable to sit down and write like I used to be able to, so here’s to self-healing and all that shit and I hope you enjoy this chapter 🙂

After hearing the scuffling as the unit guardian got herself seated, trying not to make a fool of herself, but that inevitably made her even more of a fool than she was trying to be, he turned around.

Her head was down, eyes to the floor.


The way he always wanted it. Even the guard did it – out of reverence of his presence, no-one could look upon his face. Why should they? They hadn’t achieved what he had done, they were not his equals.

Basking in this respect and fear rolling off of them for a few more moments – plus the silence would heighten the unit guardian’s anxiety just for shits and giggles, so there you go – he then placed his hands on the desk and leaned forward, the veins in his hands becoming more visible and subtly glow, which had the effect of making how charred his hands were more…terrifying.

Again – fear. It was a usual manipulation.

“Construct #261,” he began, his voice neutral and mostly calm with a hint of examination, like he was trying to study her to see what her responses, both verbal and non-verbal were going to be, like they would divulge all her secrets. “Otherwise known as #456’s Unit Guardian…Jamie Green. An impeccable record. Fastest developer out of our creations, top of the class and training squads…You were the one that came up the idea on how to harvest or acquire our specimens, weren’t you?”

Silence. Then a trembling inhalation. Ah, how these creations mimicked the human creatures they were meant to infiltrate so perfectly, it was extremely convincing. Sometimes he wondered if sometimes it was actually genuine, despite the fact that being developed in a lab meant it wasn’t at least as genuine as those who developed in a womb.

“Y-yes, sir.”

The response had been so quiet that he had had to strain to hear her.


Maybe these creations genuinely did feel the emotions like their human counterparts.

This would make this more interesting. But he had some duties to uphold, a schedule to deal with. He couldn’t waste his time on a failed creation.

Or could he?

Cause this wasn’t just a usual failure, this failure affected things that nobody else but him could comprehend. There were so many levels and layers, it was nuanced. And this failed creation before him was the little push that would knock over the rest of the dominoes if not dealt with.

So…maybe I can afford a little fun before the clean up.

Or was he losing his touch?

“So talented…” he murmured as he slowly stepped around his desk, smirking to himself when she flinched…and also therefore answering his question. “And yet…” here he stood beside her, his legs long enough to take only two steps to get somewhere and slowly knelt down beside her, his eyes drinking in her features as the tips of his fingernails slithered across her shoulders and down her arm. Her breath hitched as she kept her head down and eyes shut, trying her best to remain still.

So tense.

Poor thing.

“And yet…” he repeated as his fingernails traced her arm, slowing down to a caress when he felt tension before lacing his fingers around her wrist. His fingernails were long and sharpened to a point. “And yet…you failed. With Unit #456.”

Her eyes shot up, terror flashing through. “Wait, pl-“

His hand shot up, the sharp points of his fingernails slashed across her face. Screaming, blood leaking down her face, he stood up and leaned closer, inhaling the metallic aroma of her liquids. His hand cupped her face before the tip of his thumb’s fingernail rested against her eye.

“Shhh….” he whispered.

And then he started to slowly push his fingernail in.


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