The Havsågud Cell – part 10

Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well, as you may have already heard, my second Uni semester has started – doing Human Behaviour, Critical Thinking and Maths Fundamentals – so that’s fun. For Human Behaviour I had to set a goal for myself that by the end of either the entire course or just week 6, I had to write an report on and show I had progressed and worked towards the goal, so I chose my goal to be posting one chapter of this story a week XD So here’s my chapter for this week, and letting you all know this will be an extra motivation for me to stick to this goal to have people to be accountable to and feel free to shoot me a message chewing me out if I miss a week XD Anyway, lezzzgoooo!!! Here’s chapter 10!

“Spectacles” – her real name was Mary Persimmons – groaned as she leaned back in her seat, limbs sprawled everywhere.

They weren’t getting anywhere.

Or at least that’s what it seemed like.

How long had they been going over this? Persimmons wasn’t sure, it felt like both forever and just a few minutes. Cause the others were getting into arguments and debating while they seemed to be skipping something.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but who was the person that Agent Cain talked to over the intercom?”

Everyone thankfully stopped talking when she asked and paused to think about it briefly.

“…Someone called…Gerald, I believe,” someone piped up in response.

“Okay,” Persimmons began, sitting up straighter as she tried to figure out where to begin. “Who is this Gerald?”

Darren cleared his throat. “Gerald Hein. He was the one of the communication people that the team talked to to relay messages to the one in charge of the whole thing, Tris Reeves, and also relay messages from Reeves to the team.”

Persimmons frowned. “Is he a big name here? cause his name is familiar from somewhere else, though I don’t know where.”

“No, Gerald isn’t that much of a big name here,” Darren responded, shifting a little in his seat. “Can’t imagine where you’d have heard his name from.”

“Wait…didn’t we hear on the news of someone’s death recently? It wasn’t much, just a passing mention to someone who had been found to pass away in their home…I think they’re name might have been a Gerald something,” another person jumped in.

Persimmons drummed her fingertips together for a moment, thinking that over. “Hmmm, that doesn’t sound like it could be from that. But who knows, maybe Hein’s name sounds familiar cause Gerald is a common…maybe common-ish….sounding name. But anyway, so if this Gerald was a communication point between the team and it’s manager, is there any investigation going on into the manager, gerald and anyone else involved in the mission? The rest of the communication relay team?”

Darren shrugged. “I haven’t been kept updated about that because that’s not my part in this case and seems to be above my pay grade.”

Persimmons frowned. “I would request an update and if they say you are unauthorized, I would see if you can get someone to give you authorization. I can’t ask for the rest of us cause we’re new, but you need to get this information. This is important.”

Cause she couldn’t quite put a finger on it yet, but that name, Gerald…why did it keep nagging at her?

Crappily written, but here’s the latest chapter, as I’m still figuring out some of the kinks cause this is the beginning draft. Hope you enjoy and I hope I can keep up with this posting challenge with Uni XD

Have a great day/night!


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