The Havsågud Cell – part 9

Finished planning out some details of the story, so here is part 9! Hope you enjoy!

The scaffolding cast sinister shadows across the walls, making it difficult to locate the entrance. Vines curled up the walls and were starting to creep over the windows, as if it was trying to seduce its way in with deliberate caresses. Trees dotted up across the property, becoming more tightly packed the closer you got to the building.

As the group crept closer, weapons to the ready, they found that closer to the scaffolding, there were piles of dry leaves as well as something that glinted in the faint moonlight.

Shreds of glass.

The light bounced off the glass onto something that was a dirty brown mixed with faint shades of yellow and that seemed made of stone. Slowly kneeling down, one of the group reached and as silently as possible, brushed some of the foliage away and raised her eyebrows in surprise.

A cross.

One with Jesus hanging off of it, his hands and feet impaled. Or his feet would have been impaled had the bottom part of the cross where the feet were was still connected to the piece. It seemed to missing, probably broke off maybe? If this cross had fallen off somewhere or was dropped, maybe the feet broke off in the impact?

But there were more important things to do then speculate about a desecrated cross.

It was rumoured to be housing corpses inside. Why or who was responsible was not known. All they knew was there were reports of dead bodies, possibly the ones on the nation’s missing list.

Gerald, you read me?” the guy asked, touching a button on his suit.

“I read you, Agent Cain.”

“We’ve reached the location. Appears abandoned, or at least going through repairs, there’s lots of scaffolding. Struggling to find an entrance.”

“Roger that. Be careful, Cain.”

“Will do, sir. Agent Cain out.”

Cain’s eyes swept the place as he and the rest of his group continued to look for an entrance of some sort. He was surprised they hadn’t run into some form of a defense system around this property yet. But then again, if it’s this run down and is just being used as a rubbish dump for whoever was responsible, they probably thought no-one would come around snooping, especially if they left the scaffolding and construction vehicles dotted around the place like they had to make it look like a framing site or something.

Clever idea, really.

But where was this entrance?

The footage was paused as Darren Michael turned to the rest of the group. He had grey hair that was parted at the side with a barest hint of stubble on his chin and glasses that were constantly resting on his head. “So, let’s run through what we have so far,” he announced, folding his hands in front of him while waiting for the group to share their thoughts. It was like a teacher trying to encourage students to get up for Show and Tell.

The rest of the group either glanced at each other to see who would speak first or were pondering deeply on the subject.

“Let’s start with why we’re looking at this footage, shall we?” Darren pressed, trying to coax them into giving an answer. They were newbies, so he figured they were probably nervous and afraid of embarrassing themselves and wanted to be as patient as possible.

“Team Venus was sent out to the ruins of some church somewhere in Suffolkd due to evidence that suggested that it was where our missing persons list were being held there, and rumours there were corpses being stowed somewhere in there as well,” one of the greenhorns replied, adjusting her glasses. Darren could never remember her name, even though she had striking red hair, so he always thought of her as Spectacles.

Darren nodded. “Precisely. And as you can see so far in this footage, when they got there, there didn’t seem to be any security, defense mechanisms or guards set up anywhere, was there?”

Everyone nodded. Good, they were paying attention.

“Which,” one of the newbies, a young man with a buzz cut, pitched in, “is peculiar if there were kidnapped and possibly tortured people being held in there along with corpses from who knows who else.”

“Exactly,” another pipes up. “They had construction vehicles around, possibly used as a cover and if there were kidnapped people there, there would be signs of others in there, but there isn’t so far.”

“Either they’re hiding or there was no-one there in the first place, it was a false lead.”

Darren tapped his nose. “The thing is, that’s the issue – they never made it inside the building. They had located a potential entrance when their body suit cameras suddenly cut off.”

“Loss of signal, maybe?” Spectacles suggested.

“I would agree with you, but this team hasn’t been seen since. This was three weeks ago. We’ve sent another team in to try and find them and found nothing but Agent Cain’s body suit camera at the location, which is what we retrieved the footage from.” Darren paused to let this sink in. “Enquiries to the locales have revealed nothing.”

Silence overtook the group as they chewed that over. These were newbies, but they were meant to be the brightest their agency had seen in the trials, hence why they were hired to this case. Darren hoped they could figure something out, cause he had a daughter in that team and he was determined to use whoever he had to to get her back.

Jamie entered the boss’ office as the guard shut the door behind them.

“Unit guardian of #456 is present, Sir,” the guard announced.

“Perfect.” Jamie shivered involuntarily at the sound of the boss’ voice – it hinted a rumbling darkness and rage that seemed to be contained in an unusually calm manner that also seemed an extremely fragile restraint. “You may remain, she’ll need to be retrieved soon. Now, #456’s unit, sit.”

Not the best written chapter, but this is just a draft, once all chapters are in and posted, then I’ll go through and make it look like I knew what I was doing 🤪😜

Hope you enjoyed and that you have a great day/night! 💖🌷


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