Witch character Concept Art

Hey everyone, sorry for the silence in posts, been a bit stressed due to making plans for stuff, and then complications arising in the plan and then having to cancel the plans for a later date, but it turned out to be God’s intervention that the plans failed cause I found out later that there was some stuff going on at the other end that would’ve gotten me in a lot of trouble had I been able to go when I really wanted to. Despite knowing that I was being protected, it still hurts like hell and I had to take some time away to sort through it and just…process everything and recover cause it was one of the biggest hurts I’ve ever experienced.

Anyway, I’ve been experimenting with doing cosplay photo shoots as characters I’m creating for a future story (I don’t know why, but my mind is constantly working on not only my current works in progress, but also creating new ones, ever increasing my list lmao!) and I’ve so far done some for Lucy in my story The Havsågud Cell, a pirate, Princess Amaryllis, a witch, and a character that will be an immortal hunter or something that is killed and comes back to life frequently cause of their line of work. I’ve been editing the cosplay photos using apps such as Picsart, Prequel and Canva, and sometimes Unsplash to do these edits to make them the character’s concept art. I’ve mainly just been working on editing the ones for the witch and here are the results so far 🙂

Constructive criticism would be welcome along with just your general thoughts. What do you think her name should be? She’s gonna have that “I have to deal with life?” and “everyone’s an idiot” sassy mentality.

Love you guys!


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4 thoughts on “Witch character Concept Art

  1. The imagery is very clever. I do’t have any creativity when it comes to graphics.
    I am not entirely sure what cosplay is. But I avoid anything with magic, wizards or witches – never been my cup of tea, although I realize that lots of other people are interested in them.
    But I love the way you plan and develop your characters and the world they are within. You have a talent for dreaming up epic plots.

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    1. Thanks 🙂 Cosplay is dressing up as fictional characters, say from movies, tv shows, books, your own fictional characters. It’s a fun escapism. And that’s fair.
      Thank you, I really appreciate it 🙂


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