The Curse of Adulthood

Here is another one word prompt for today and today’s word is:


Ironic cause I am tidying and organizing my house today as well lmao! Anyway, hope you enjoy!

This is going to just be me chatting about my day today cause today is the day of….✨organization ✨

I honestly hate that word – ‘organize’ – it’s the curse of adulthood that you suddenly need to be organized, have a plan, a system. My inner child does rebel against this and while I am organized, it’s in a messy, random, weird, impulsively and haphazardly set up system.

But I disgress (or however you spell the word lol)

Today, I am attempting being organised by cleaning the kitchen – sweeping and mopping the floor, wiping down counters and cupboards, cleaning out the fridge and doing the obligatory dishes.

I’m also trying to organise multiple story stuff in my head at the same time – I attempted a pirate photo shoot, starring myself, last night to help me get an idea for stuff with this pirate story I have in mind. I took 95 photos (nervous sweating face) and while they are all awesome, I need to pick out just a specific few that are immaculate to use for my pirate story folder and also just for a fun pinterest board along with the pirate pinterest board. I’m also trying to update a few stories I’ve got on my USB that I’m writing – one is an epic fantasy supernatural adventure that was inspired by some very personal and dark experiences of mine, but will of course exaggerate events and details; another is a weird thriller based off of a dream I had; one is a sci-fi alien invasion story and then there’s Overturned and The Havsågud Cell.

And I’m organising some final details for my trip overseas to see my boyfriend next month, just a couple phone calls to some people and then all I have to do really is pack when the time comes!!!! I’m so excited!!!!

See the source image

But that’s the extent of my organisation today, the rest is a uncertain mess XD


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