The Hidden Worlds

Here’s another short story based around one word thing I’m doing. Today’s word is “grow”. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Grow up.

That’s what everyone kept telling her.

You’re twenty-six. You’re a lawyer. Why do you still read children’s books? Why do you write these fantasy novels or even write at all?

And the one most people demanded to know: Why do you waste time and money on dressing up as these fictional characters from the books you read?

“It’s called ‘cosplay’,” would always be her simple response. “And as a lawyer, I can afford to buy all the stuff to do that in my free time.”

Suffice to say, she ignored them.

Yes, she was twenty-six. An adult. So, therefore, it was really none of their business, all her decision. And as a lawyer, that type of work was exhausting and she needed something to relax with, a nice little hobby, so voila.

Reading children’s books was part of that little hobby – they were simple, sweet, and made her realize the wonder of being a child. It was something that distracted her at the end of the day and allowed her to bring out her inner child, something she had had to repress growing up.

The cosplay?

Again, inner child’s decision.

Cause it was something unusual.

Something relaxing.

So why not?

Plus, when she wrote, she was being escorted into a whole other world. One where she could freely travel to whenever she wanted and spend as much time as she wanted/needed in. One where she could be the queen leading her country into battle against the giant trolls, the pirate princess who was kicked out of a kingdom because she was caught kissing the king’s daughter. Or the spurned lover who was seeking her revenge. She could have so many adventures…and all from the safety of her own desk.

Her characters were fantastic, the villains being the most fun to hang out with. The heroes…honestly, they were just depressing, though all her readers seemed to love them.

So many memorable moments and friendships she had made with her characters.

Such as when she helped Sunflower pick out her dress and style her hair for her date with the farmer’s son.

Or when she led the detective on a false trail so that Mrs. Duncan’s drink could be poisoned.

Or swam to the depths of the ocean to find the cure for all diseases.

It could be anything she wanted, she just had to think of it. All the power in the world and it was right there, at her keyboard, waiting for her to unleash it.

And she was never going to let that go.

I might actually write a story with the pirate princess and the other princess, that would be so awesome!


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