Innocent Mistakes

So I found this list of words, and downloaded it to my phone and for this year, I intend to try and write short stories with the words, using one of the words per short story. I’ve been trying for a while to keep my focus on my writing cause I love writing, but for some reason, I’ve been struggling for a long time to be able to consistently write like I used to, as I know you all have definitely noticed and I figured trying to get through a list of words to include in short stories might help. There’s not enough to write a story per day with the words, but I’ll try for one a week, every Sunday (that’ll be sunday my time aka today). Some of these might just be a sentence or two, some might be longer, but that’s okay, the length is not important, what I’m trying to get back into doing is consistent writing at this point. So without further ado, here’s the first word:


As I look at the eyeliner that is slashed across her cheek, a mix of a wince and a giggle starts bubbling it’s way up my throat.


Don’t you dare!

A startled noise that sounded like it couldn’t decide whether to cry, scream or just be startled reminded me that I needed to apologise to the bride and get it fixed ASAP.

“Wha-wha…” said bride yelped, her eyes getting wider, the shocked confusion being steadily replaced by an outraged spark.

After all, she looked like she was trying to be an It bride.

“We could start a trend?”

Even the cat flinched as the bride cut her eye towards me.

“Okay, that’s a no, then…I’ll fix this, won’t even be two minutes.”

Focus, Meg.

I know this wasn’t great or anything and may not have been as funny as I wanted, but I got something written for the first word, so that’s great! I’m taken the first step, and that’s what counts at this point 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Innocent Mistakes

    1. Yeah, I prefer sentence prompts cause they give more details, more of a basis for what to write. But I decided to go with one word prompts because it’s then a challenge for me.

      Thank you!

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