The Havsågud Cell – Part 8


Jamie looked questioningly at the suited man, the same one who had taken her from outside the school to come see their boss. “Where is he?”

The suited man merely gave her a blank expression and then nodded towards a seat. “Sit. You will be called when the boss is ready.”

I see the rules haven’t changed, then.

She began fiddling with her fingers. There had been no explanation for why the boss wanted to see her, Jamie had no idea whether to prepare for something terrible or something good…but the latter one seemed unlikely.

Maybe something went wrong with Lucy?

“Unit Guardian of #456?”

Jamie looked over and saw a blonde woman in a black suit and carrying a clipboard, looking like she had just come from the same direction that Jamie and the suit guy had come from.

“Y-yes?” Jamie answered, trying to figure out what was going on.

“Follow me, the boss is ready to see you now.”

Sorry, this is poorly written, just didn’t know how to write what I wanted to write and didn’t want to leave you guys waiting any longer.

Happy new year and hope you have/have had a great new year celebration and that 2022 will bring you all may blessings 😊😘


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